Warm dickey for men with knitting needles

Dickey is a practical and convenient alternative to a scarf. It fits snugly to the body, does not puff out from under the jacket and covers the throat well. The previously popular accessory is again becoming popular with children and adults.

How to tie the shirtfront: general recommendations

How to tie a shirt

In the men's wardrobe, the shirtfront will perform a purely practical function, so it should not lose its shape. To do this, its yarn should be as dense as possible, so that the size of the needles may be smaller than the thread itself.

In order for the shirt to be warm, the threads should be natural, not synthetic.

To the product was the minimum number of seams, should prefer stocking knitting needles. With their help, the shirtfront can be tied very quickly, especially if it does not have clasps.

You need to start mating with a careful measurement of neck circumference, after which you can dial loops. To their number you need to add a few more loops so that the accessory is not too tight.

It is also important to know how to finish the finished needlework. When the desired length of the product will be connected, the process is completed by crocheting the edges of the shirtfront. Suitable for single crochets or semi columns. This is necessary so that the edges of the shirtfront do not fold.

Master class for beginners

How to knit a shirt

In general, the creation of this accessory is not difficult, since the male gender most often prefers classic knitting. She should have a simple pattern, characterized by conciseness and severity. Standard "gum" is suitable for this purpose, as well as possible.

  • Depending on the circumference of the neck, you need to dial about 60 or 80 loops. In the set of 1st loops there is an important condition: their number must be a multiple of the 3rd.
  • Work on knitting a man's shirtfront always begins with a neck tie. Its length is an individual solution, but in order to make it easier to decide, you should try on the associated canvas on the future carrier. The neck is knitted with the help of stockings or circular needles.
  • When the desired length is typed, the main part is formed, which will cover the chest and lie on the shoulders. The first 2 rows fit in a similar way with the neck. After them to each 6th row should be added to the 1st loop. This must be done on each spoke at the beginning of the row. It is necessary to add loops so that the shirt-front lays down beautifully and fits loosely.
  • The length of the main part also depends on personal preferences. When the required length is connected, the loops are closed, and then tied another couple of rows with a hook to the floor with columns. Due to this, the product will have a complete look.
  • You can knit a manish shirt with needles using another scheme. For example, the neck can be arranged in the form of a narrow "gum", and the main part can be made a facial smooth. Such a model will look like a continuation of a sweater, especially if it is knitted from threads of neutral shades. You can also tie the opposite bright and motley shirtfront, adding to its massive buttons, so it will look like a standalone accessory.

Knit manic shirt: video lesson

In any case, the shirtfront is a very important piece of clothing. There is no doubt about its comfort and warmth. Each man will appreciate the manish hand tied with caring hands and will appreciate it.

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