Wallpaper in the flower in the interior. features of use for

Flowers are most often associated with cheerfulness and cause admiration, therefore, the walls of an apartment or house, decorated with wallpaper in flowers, elevate mood. Floral patterns in most often indicate a female choice, because they make the room more tender, softer and more comfortable. By the way, for most styles it is the use of colors that is the hallmark

Wallpaper with flowers in the interior: the rules of the English style

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Flower wallpapers are an effective tool in the hands of an experienced master. But the result depends not only on the means of creating the interior, but also on the skills of the designer. For example: the British love and know how to apply several floral motifs at once in their interior. In the living room, furniture, curtains, and walls decorated with floral patterns can perfectly harmonize. Wallpapers with such patterns are the main distinguishing feature of English design. Often they are used in the creation of interiors that are performed in the style of luxury of the Victorian era.

Usually, all the walls of the room, from the ceiling to the floor, are pasted over with floral wallpaper. By themselves, they are very gentle, unobtrusive, the print on them is small. Often these are roses, but there are also wildflowers. In addition to the walls, it is necessary that at least 1 noticeable detail of the interior should also be decorated with floral patterns - a chair, cushions for sofas, a curtain, etc. It is well combined in an English glass with a strip or cage.

Print features

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Widely applied wallpaper in the flower in the classic interiors. In them, they usually decorate not all surfaces of walls, unlike the English style. Of these, inserts are most often made or combined with wall panels, which are located at the bottom of the wall.

Sometimes, the walls, covered with wallpaper with a floral print, cause feelings of randomly growing flower garden, but many people like harmony and tranquility. That is why it is necessary to limit the number of surfaces that are pasted over with a similar material. You can enter it in fragments or combine. Due to this separation and the overall style of the room becomes more harmonious.

Nowadays, these wallpapers are very popular, and their main function is a bright accent. You can paste only 1 wall with them, or even a part of it, for example, the wall sector behind the sofa or near the headboard. Often, these decorations are used for combination, since they create an excellent contrast with a single-color finish and enliven the room. Wallpapers can choose both monochrome and contrasting. Monochrome-1st tone, the pattern on which is applied texture. Nowadays, large flowers are very popular.

There are also neutral two-color wallpapers, in them the pattern and background are sustained in 2 neutral tones, and they can be both contrasting and similar in shade: black and gray, brown and beige, black and white, black and silver, etc. In addition to a pair of primary colors, there may be intermediate colors. This wallpaper is not abundant in colors, but at the same time they look beautiful and attract the eye. In them there is a certain amount of romance, but, despite this, it is difficult to call them female. To create a male interior wallpaper is rarely used in the flower, but neutral and two-color here are the exception.

Ladies who are fans of such styles as Chebbi Shiki Provence, most often love flowers and especially roses. These styles are often used to decorate girls' bedrooms. But here the most important thing is a sense of proportion, because too many roses, butterflies, little birds, and so on. Attributes are superfluous. Furniture should be selected neutral colors, as well as pr.elementy decor. With such wallpaper you can decorate a bedroom or a room for teenage girls or toddlers. But it is better to combine the wall with wallpaper in the flower with a wall of monochrome finish.

How to choose a wallpaper for the bedroom?

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Wallpaper in the flower in the interior

Experts suggest to follow the following tips so that the flowered wallpaper harmoniously blends into the interior of your bedroom:

  • It is necessary to faithfully observe the balance of simplicity and elegance. If the bedroom to choose wallpaper in the overall flower, the space will be particularly spectacular. There is a basic rule: if there are a lot of large buds on the wall, then furniture, etc., should be discreet. Curtains, carpet and even sofa cushions are better to choose solid colors, only in this case the combination will look natural and stylish;
  • The smaller the room, the flowers on the wallpaper should be smaller. For a small bedroom, an interior option is suitable, in which only 1 or a maximum of 2 walls will be covered with floral wallpaper;
  • Patterns and shades need to be correctly combined. Wallpaper is important to choose not to match the general background, but to match the pattern. For example: the walls in pink flower will be in perfect harmony with a monochromatic pink canvas.

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Wallpaper in floral pattern - this is a common material for wall decoration. The main thing in their use for decoration is a sense of proportion. Combine various options for a simple design with wallpaper in flower, and as a result you will have an unusual, amazing and harmonious interior!

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