Wallpaper for walls in provence style in the interior of the

Reproduce Provence style in your own home - it means to surround yourself with tenderness, unique charm and elegance. From every detail of the French interior breathes romance, even if the components do not differ in novelty. And perhaps decisive in the design of the decor belongs to the walls - wallpaper in the style of Provence should be special.

Distinctive features of style

Provence style wallpaper - which one to choose?

Strictly speaking, it is rather difficult to recreate a true Provence style. This is not just a setting, it is a tribute to time and traditions. The basis of the French interior is not the things, but the characters of the people and their originality, which is emphasized by the furniture that looked like, the walls, floors and ceilings touched by time. And, of course, pastel, playing a certain role here. The choice of subtle shades is not accidental: the dry climate and the bright sun of the French province demanded some muting.

Provence may be different. In low-income homes, this style is expressed as:

  • simple pieces of furniture;
  • beams on the ceiling;
  • the walls are covered with ordinary plaster, which sometimes does not even cover the stone.

In homes where wealth is visible, everything is much more elegant - here:

  • high ceilings;
  • ancient fireplaces;
  • interesting and beautiful trinkets;
  • high-quality textiles.

What wallpapers are suitable for Provence style?

Wallpaper for Provence style

Even if the whole furnishings of the apartment are designed in the same style, each room should have its own character, its own individuality. Run all in one color - it is too boring and uninteresting.

Wallpaper in the style of Provence in the interior are required. No, not in flower, as many people think, although the floral ornament is typical for this direction. The walls can be decorated with a cloth or a panel depicting bouquets, but the wallpaper for the walls in the style of Provence is often plain.

Wallpaper in the living room

Wallpaper in the living room

The living room is the main room in the house. Here they receive guests, hold family events. In this room should be cozy and comfortable, not only households, but also strangers. And at the same time it is required to recreate the feeling of celebration and a certain solemnity. This is suitable wallpaper in the style of Provence delicate shades of lavender, turquoise, olive or ivory. Even white walls in this direction will not look pompous: interior details will soften and balance them.

The texture of the wallpaper in places may resemble uneven plaster or mimic vertical panels. What the Provence style does not accept is pretentiousness, gilding and geometry. Wallpapers should be as simple and inconspicuous as possible.

Wallpaper in the bedroom

Wallpaper in the bedroom

Provence-style wallpaper for the bedroom can be the same shades as in the living room. Allowed here and pink, and terracotta, and cream. You can combine one color with another.

Allowed to dilute the wall with an insert with a floral pattern. As a rule, it is made with a fabric - wallpaper in floral style Provence just does not accept. The canvas with a plant pattern has a place to be, especially since it is always successfully combined with the fine details of this direction.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Initially, walls in Provence are natural materials, such as stone, lime, or plaster. Therefore, wallpaper in Provence style for the kitchen can imitate these textures. The brickwork or unevenly plastered surface will ideally fit here. Previously, the kitchen was always a separate room and was built most often of stone. Therefore, here, as nowhere else, similar natural textures will be appropriate. However, the kitchen walls can also be covered with wallpaper pastel colors, but to complement them with textiles. And the image of kitchen utensils on the fabric will be a worthy alternative to colors.

None of the interior style has clear boundaries. The overall picture can be diluted with third-party elements. Provence is no exception - small changes are always appropriate, even if the wallpaper will be slightly different from those offered by the direction. Moreover, it is the details and their own refinements that create coziness in the house.

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