Wall decor in the kitchen

How can you decorate the walls in the kitchen so as to give the interior a unique exclusivity? To do this, it is not necessary to purchase expensive materials and hire a specialist. You can make a wall decoration in the kitchen with your own hands.

Wall decor in the kitchen with the help of a specialist

If you decide that it is better to hire a specialist to decorate the walls in the kitchen, this is very good. The designer will choose a beautiful decor, taking into account the direction of the world on which the windows overlook. In addition, using the decor, you can hide minor defects of the repair, visually enlarge the space.

Designer can advise you put on the wall of the kitchen a large poster or a larger photo. The actual size of the pattern, for this, increases by about 10-100 times. In the kitchen, images of drinks, fruits, leaves, or flowers will look most appropriate.

Such drawings are applied, in most cases, near the bar or dining table. It looks very good the image on the wall, covered with glass or photo on the tile.In addition to these methods, specialists can apply various images on kitchen furniture.But, if you decide that you can do without the services of a designer, you can try decorate the walls in the kitchen with their own hands.

DIY wall kitchen decor

In fact, there are a lot of decor options for kitchen walls. We give here the most common and easy ways to decorate kitchen walls.

  • Shells of quail eggs in the framework for photos. Everything is done very simply. The background side of the frame is painted or glued with paper of the same color (various shades are allowed), washed and dried shells of quail eggs are glued to the surface.
  • Kitchenware with printed pattern. The drawings are applied with varnish for painting the nails with a special thin brush. From above cover with several layers of a transparent varnish.

  • Spoons in the framework for photos. Spoons, of various shapes and sizes, are glued to the photo frames and hung on the wall.
  • Cooking utensils in cookie or service boxes. Various kitchen appliances are glued to the inside of the box. Boxes are hung on the wall.
  • Plates with photos or drawings. You can buy ready-made decorative plates, you can order a drawing on the plates of your chosen pattern or photos.
  • Plates and cups glued to the wall.

  • Trays of different shapes.Metal trays are covered with transparent varnish and mounted on the wall.
  • Wooden dishes. It can be attached to the wall or put on a specially designed shelf.
  • Replacing the sill. Instead of the usual windowsill, the box with flowers is strengthened. Very original and interesting.
  • Wall decoration. Of course, if you have the talent of the artist, then you can paint the walls yourself. But, if you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to invite a specialist. You can apply any drawings - portraits, still lifes, images of food and dishes.

  • Pictures. You can hang on the walls of the kitchen a few pictures on the culinary theme. It is possible and easier to buy special stickers and stick them on the wall. In addition, in the free sale, at present, there are a large number of stencils with which you can independently put a beautiful picture on the wall.
  • Family photos. You can make a collage or photo composition. To do this, insert photos into photo frames and fix them on the wall.
  • Shelf with dishes. You can buy a special shelf, or a cabinet with several shelves, on which to put the dishes, which are usually stored behind glass in sideboards and walls.
  • Pot holders. Hang stitched or knitted tacks in the same style, hang them all over the wall in the kitchen.
  • Straw utensils. It can be attached to the wall, and you can put on a special shelf.
  • Curly flowers. Great decor item! Over time, when the flowers grow enough, you have to the kitchen will have a "living wall".

We hope that from the variety of options, you will find the one that you like!

Do it with pleasure!

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