This amazingly beautiful plant, born in America, has more than 200 species. Leaves of vriezii can reach 80 centimeters in length. Very bright and noticeable flower, which is nice to get as a gift. The name was in honor of the Dutch botanist V. de Vriese.

If you decide to become an amateur florist, buy one of two species that are most often grown in indoor conditions: shiny vries or beautiful vries. These flowers grow for many years, are not too whimsical and look very nice.

Light is the first condition for the "life" of vriezii in your home, so identify it on the window sill. Only in the summer it is worth a little pritenyat flower. Vriesia grows at room temperature in the range of 16 to 25 degrees Celsius. Watering vriezii better in the funnel of leaves with water at room temperature.

Buy vrieziyu can be in any flower shop or on the market. It is available to everyone. By the way, a newbie can grow this flower. Therefore, you can safely give this flower to anyone who would like to start growing a botanical garden in his apartment. Do not forget to tell at the same time how to care for beauty-vriezii. Here is several answers to common questions about vriezii.

How breeds vriezii?

This plant breeds with seeds and young offspring. After the end of flowering, the rosette of Vriesia dies off. At the same time new shoots grow. They are separated from the base only when they reach 1/3 of the height of an adult plant. Then they are simply planted in a new land.

How to transplant vriesia?

When the plant grows and it becomes crowded in the pot, find a bigger pot and transplant it. This is best done in the spring. As for the soil, then you need to be careful. This is what should be in the mix: peat, deciduous humus, pine bark, moss, large soil. A prerequisite is the addition of bromeliad fertilizers.

What can vriezii hurt?

Most often vrieziyu can knock the shield or the scarlet. If you notice damage, be sure to treat the plant with pesticides. It is best to spray Vriesia at a distance of half a meter, so as not to burn the flower. To combat the shield use the drug "Aktara" (1 g is diluted in 10 liters of water), against the worm - the drug "Spark" (1/10 tablets diluted in 1 l of water).

At what humidity is the best life of vriezii?

The answer to this question: 60-70%.

How and when is it necessary to feed vriezia?

It is better to feed Vriesezia in a foliar manner from April to October every two weeks. Fertilizer must be diluted with water and watered in a known manner: on the leaves and the socket. Feed better fertilizer for orchids or, as mentioned above, bromeliads.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about life and reproduction of vriezii.. We hope this mini-instruction will help you, then your personal vision will become healthy and beautiful and will decorate more than one window sill of your house! Good luck!

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