Volume letters with your own hands. how to make volumetric

Today it is very difficult to come up with something completely new in the design solution of an apartment - all styles have been studied and tested. The most unique thing you can stand out with is a home-made interior detail. In addition, the thing of their own authorship can be an original gift.

Volume letters do it yourself: the choice of material

The production of such decorative elements has already been put on stream, even in the most provincial cities at least 1-2 small companies offer the services of manufacturing volumetric letters. And the only difference from self-made ones is usually not in the quality of the assembly, but in the selected material. Thanks to a range of tools, you can get a metal or plastic home accessory. It is not always possible to produce this at home, but even the remaining assortment base for creativity is extensive.

Volume letters do it yourself

Even those who were not interested in needlework before will cope with this task. Before you understand the intricacies of the process, you have to decide what is the purpose of the gift? To whom is it addressed, and for what reason? Based on the answers, you can decide what material is suitable for work.

In particular, if a design element is prepared for a small child - it will decorate a nursery or become a completely functional thing, then the best base for such three-dimensional letters is fabric. It is worth considering for such a purpose plush, velor or even cotton.

You can also fill with scraps or fluff, padding polyester or feathers. In this case, the process will be as simple as it will be, in fact, only in marking, section and a pair of connecting seams. No other action is usually taken here.

If the volume letters should decorate the interior, first of all its stylistic orientation is traced. Depending on which materials prevail in the room where the decor element will be placed, the basis for it is also chosen. Most often wood or plywood is used, as well as thick cardboard. But special demand today for volume letters from polyfoam. Their appeal lies in the fact that such a thing is mobile due to its low weight and can be used during photo shoots. For this reason, letters from this material are especially relevant for a wedding.

How to make bulk letters from wood?

Volume letters do it yourself

Wooden elements - a kind of classic. And when mastering this technique, it will be much easier to deal with the rest. Especially it concerns polyfoam, the algorithm of actions with which is very similar.

The first stage of the work is to draw stencils on thick cardboard. By the way, such preparation is necessary not only when creating wooden letters, but also from tissue ones. Using a ruler and a pencil, contours are drawn with respect to all sizes. These indicators are selected individually. Then the cardboard blanks are cut and applied to the material that will become the basis for the interior object.

The stencil is also outlined with a pencil, and then the shape is cut out along these lines using an electric jigsaw. Then you have to go through the cut with sandpaper, carefully smoothing these zones. And only then the decor element is treated with paint or decorated with other materials. For example, wrapped with thick colored thread or pasted over with a cloth.

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Volume letters do it yourself

Soft, volumetric letters of fabric - it is often also a very functional thing. After all, they can serve as a pillow, especially if they are created for a children's room. In this case, their size is usually selected taking into account ease of use in everyday life and is approximately equal to the parameters of a classical sofa cushion. The material is chosen, as in other cases, depending on the interior.

Here again, the first step is to work with stencils, after which the contours are transferred to the wrong side of the fabric. Letters are cut with the obligatory preservation of the free edge: otherwise, when sewing, they will decrease in size. Halves of each letter are folded inwards, brushed and stitched. The latter is done in such a way that one untouched section of 1.5-2 cm in length remains. Through it, the product will be turned outwards, and then it will begin to be packed with the material selected for this.

In the finals in this area are traversed by a secret seam. In addition, you can leave one side stitched together and insert a "zipper" into it. Such a move will allow you to remove the filler in order to send a pillow letter to the cleaning.

Bulk letters for a wedding: design secrets

Volume letters do it yourself

For the wedding details of the interior, which is often carried out and photography, it is important moment of attachment. Letters should stand upright, which implies the presence of thin legs.

Mention deserves and the idea of ​​a disguised compartment in the form of a pocket, which is useful if the decor element is prepared as a gift. Small gifts of small size will easily enter such a cache.

The original design option - adding backlight. The easiest way to accomplish this is to braid the letters with an ordinary fine garland with small bulbs, securing it with scotch tape. But this will only work indoors, because you will need an outlet. And you can buy LED tape, which is able to work mobile.

You can decorate the surface of the letters with any material. On the fabric it is worth trying to embroider patterns, if they are not lost against the background of your own drawings of textile material. Moreover, this can be done not only with colored threads up to the floss, but also with the use of beads, large beads, glass beads. No less painstaking, but skilful work is the creation of a pattern through rhinestones set on glue. True, such a move requires a lot of time and effort.

For elements made of wood or foam, the decor possibilities are even greater. Both mesh and foil and fabric will work here. In addition, you can simply paint the surface with paints, subsequently fixing the result with varnish. The most original ideas are considered decoration with shells, small crushed glass or pebbles, cereals. If they are sprinkled tightly on the surface, previously treated with glue, and then filled with metallic paint, a non-banal relief and a futuristic effect will result.

In the manufacture of volumetric letters with their own hands there are no insurmountable difficulties. And the scope for creativity, limited only by the imagination of the creator, allows you to make an element of decor to any room and occasion. This item will not only help to decorate your home, but also will be a great gift for the celebration.

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