The Venidium is a very beautiful plant, the birthplace of which has become a hot South Africa. Externally, this flower is very much like a simple chamomile. Every day he becomes more and more popular among gardeners, because the care and cultivation of this exotic beauty does not require much trouble.

Venidium: growing from seed

Among the various species of Venidium there are both annual and perennial varieties. The plant prefers places well lit and protected from the wind, does not like stagnant water. Benidium is drought-resistant, and the need for watering appears only when the soil dries. The most common plant species are:


Venidium: growing from seed

  • The lush Zulu Venidium is an annual plant that can reach a height of 70 cm. The name of this variety is due to the fact that the flowers are covered with white, cobwebby hairs, the bushes are well branched and wide, small leaves. In diameter, the flowers can be 10 cm, located on high peduncles. Reed flowers, rich bright orange. The beginning of flowering occurs at the end of June and until October. The collected seeds remain viable for 2 years.
  • Marigold Benidium - used as an annual plant. On top of the leaves are bare, and below there is a slight white pubescence. In diameter, the flowers reach 4 cm, the petals are of a beautiful golden hue, and the core is almost black. Flowering lasts from July to September.

The plant is heat-loving and very popular among gardeners, because the Venidium does not require any special conditions. Sowing should be carried out in mid-May and early April. If the seeds are planted earlier, before the onset of heat and the time of transplanting into open ground, the seedlings can be very stretched.

For sowing seeds, you need to prepare in advance a plastic or wooden container, a drainage layer is placed on the bottom. It is worth remembering that at the bottom of the container should be drain holes. For a veneedium, it is recommended to select a nutritious, light and loose substrate with a neutral reaction.

The seeds of the plants are large, so it will not cause any special difficulties to place them at a short distance, so that later there is no need to thin out the seedlings. Seeds are placed on a pre-moistened soil and sprinkled on top of a small layer of substrate.

To speed up the process of germination and the seeds are not frozen, you need to create a greenhouse effect and for this the container is covered with transparent glass, after which it is placed in a warm place. Approximately in 2 weeks the first shoots will start to appear and as soon as all the seedlings will germinate, it is necessary to rearrange the seedlings to a well-lit place. Due to this, the plant will not be strongly drawn, and the growth process will also accelerate.

After a few days you can begin to harden the seedlings gradually. During the growth of flowers, you need to periodically air the mini-teplichku, watering should be moderate, as soon as the soil begins to dry out. It must be remembered that as a result of the excessive moisture of the earth the plant suffers from rot.

Venidium: landing and care, photo plants

Venidium: landing and care

Venidium: landing and care, photo

Venidium: planting and care, photos of plants

Venidium purple

Venidium in the flowerbed

Planting in open ground is made immediately, as the warm weather sets in, as frosts can lead to the death of the plant. As a rule, the landing takes place in mid-May, however, then the flowering period begins a little later.

To transplant the veneed, you need to pick up an open, well lit, sheltered from the wind. During the landing in the hole, you need to make a special backup, as adult flowers can go to the ground. In the future, flowers will be tied to the backup. Taking into account the selected plant species, the distance between the plants is determined so that they do not touch each other during the growth process, and water stagnation does not occur.

Approximately a week later, as the planting will be carried out, when the seedlings are well rooted, it is necessary to feed organic fertilizers, which accelerates growth and earlier flowering.

Watering should be moderate, as the plant does not tolerate excessive moisture and may die. In order for the flowering period to last before the onset of frosts, it is necessary to periodically remove the baskets of the inflorescences that have already faded.

Venide can suffer from black aphids, the formation of which occurs on young plants, as a result of which the top deformation occurs. To avoid this, when aphids appear, it is necessary to immediately treat the plant with a special preparation.

Very beautiful orange orange prince, which is grown with the above tips. It is possible to plant this beautiful flower in beds, gardens, parks, rock gardens or decorative vases on the balconies. Exquisitely and interestingly looks Venidium in large flower arrangements. It will be a worthy decoration of your garden.

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