Vases of transparent glass in the interior

What just do not come up with modern designers to decorate the interior. But there are ideas that can be applied without the participation of professionals and at low cost to add bright decorative solutions and original accents to the interior. One of such very simple, accessible and creative ideas is the inclusion of transparent vases of glass into the space for life.

Vases of transparent glass in the interior

Clear glass- Today it is one of the leading low-cost materials in the fashion design industry. The use of such glass in the house will give brevity, grace, sophistication and nobility surrounding setting. On the one hand, this is a manifestation of simplicity in the style of minimalism. On the other hand, the idea is so interesting that you can endlessly fantasize with form and content. Transparent glass vases organically fit into any interior!

The advantages of transparent glass vases in the interior

An important aspect in the application of this idea is the environmental friendliness and mobility of vases. The main advantages of this approach are that vases

  • visually do not clutter the space;
  • require little space and are suitable for any surfaces;
  • freely transmit light, therefore, create the effect of "invisibility", lightness;
  • look appropriate and harmoniously both alone and in company with each other;
  • are inexpensive and sold everywhere.

Vases of transparent glass in the interior

It is also important and creatively valuable that such vases can be filled with absolutely any kind of “filling”: flowers, fruits, dear items, shells, tree branches, candles, and other decorative materials. Even an empty vase can be an independent object of art and set a certain style and atmosphere.

Forms and sizes of vases

The shapes and sizes of transparent glass vases are also unlimited: there are many different options. But the most popular and stylish is

  • vases on the legs - in shape resemble large glasses or aquariums for fish;
  • flat cylinders of different heights;
  • cones with a narrow neck;
  • different size balls;
  • rectangles - wide (for a bouquet) and narrow (for a single flower).

Vases of transparent glass in the interior

Secrets of "filling" vases

In transparent glass vases look completely different things. At the same time, not only the “fillings” of one material (only flowers or only coffee grains) are interesting, but also the combination of various decorative elements (“layers” of several materials). So, how can we fill our spectacular vases?

  • Flowers - small and large, a bouquet or a single flower, different color, different shape, different length.
  • Stems and leaves (a separate large leaf of the plant looks spectacular).
  • Fruits, sweets, spices.
  • Sea pebbles, river sand, shells, starfish.
  • Multi-colored sand, acrylic crystals and stones.
  • Small indoor plants.
  • Autumn yellow leaves.
  • Sprigs of fruit and berry crops.
  • Decorative butterflies, flowers, ornaments.

In general, turn on the fantasy and experiment!

Vases of transparent glass in the interior

Design and composition

Transparent glass vases are the personification of lightness, weightlessness, transparency. And it must be emphasized! We can arrange the vases symmetrically or not, put them on the surface of the dresser or hang them on the walls, depending on the fantasy. In order to draw attention to the vase, fill it with a bright filling, or make the background on which it stands, dark or bright. In the calm colors of the vase will look easy, not defiant, neat.

  • Pay attention to maintaining balance in space and proportioning.
  • The size of a transparent glass vase should be proportional to the horizontal on which it is located.
  • On large table one large vase or a composition of several small vases looks appropriate and elegant.
  • On dining table rectangular shapes look spectacularly identical vases with different content, put in one row.
  • On nightstand or coffee table the space is perfectly decorated with a composition of several vases of different shapes and different sizes.

Transparent glass vases are an affordable and at the same time incredibly beautiful element of a laconic style. It is advisable not to load the rest of the space with heavily decorated classical decor. These vases support eco-style, simplicity, lightness and elegance. They will not only make your interior unique, fashionable and original, but also present many ideas for inspiration and creativity. Successes!

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