Vaseline oil for constipation in cats

Almost every home has pets - cats. The caring owner will not disregard the embarrassing emptying of the pet. When constipated feces accumulates in the intestines, poisoning all the organs of the kitten with its toxic substances. Few people know that petroleum jelly is an effective remedy for constipation in cats. However, before treatment, it is necessary to determine the symptoms and causes of the disease.

What are the main symptoms of constipation in cats?

What are the main symptoms of constipation in cats?

A healthy cat goes to the toilet from one to three times a day. A rarer bowel movement indicates serious problems with stool clearance. Pay particular attention to the behavior of your pet. It is worth sounding the alarm if your fluffy pet completely or partially refuses to eat, sluggish and unlit, there are constant emetic urges, and the coat becomes dull, coarse and neglected.

When constipated, the cat often and unsuccessfully walks to the tray or defecation occurs, but the feces are small, dry, nut-shaped, possibly covered with a mucous membrane of the blood.

Causes and Effects

Occurrence of stool obstruction can be caused by many reasons. And for the choice of an effective method of dealing with constipation in animals, they should be correctly installed.

The main sources of constipation in a kitten are:

  • the presence of foreign bodies in the intestines: bones, small household parts;
  • clumps of wool;
  • improper nutrition and dysbiosis;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • consequences of diseases: cysts, tumors, intestinal injuries, renal failure;
  • the adoption of an incorrect position for a bowel movement;
  • neurological causes.

If it is not possible to determine the cause of constipation in cats, consult a veterinarian. The physician should describe in detail the symptoms of the manifestation of the disease, as well as specify the exact weight and age of the pet.

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Vaseline oil to the rescue

How to give vaseline oil to a cat?

Many owners ask: "If a cat is constipated, what should be done?" Soft and painless relief from constipation is well-known liquid paraffin. It is a clear oily liquid, has no taste and smell. It will not be difficult to buy this drug: it is sold in every pharmacy.

Vaseline oil envelops the cat's intestinal wall and helps soften the feces. The use of other vegetable oils is not recommended, as they are almost immediately absorbed into the intestine, not bringing the desired result. Do not forget that the excessive use of oils of plant origin leads to complications in the liver.

To calculate the correct dosage of vaseline oil for constipation in cats, it is necessary initially to consult a veterinarian. When this is not possible, the number is calculated based on the weight and age of your pet. For every kilogram of weight, one cube of oil is needed. If this dosage is a concern for the health of the animal, it is worth starting treatment with a minimum dose of 5 ml. When treating constipation in a kitten, the dosage should not exceed half a teaspoon per day.

How to give vaseline oil to a cat?

Vaseline oil is most efficiently given to the cat in the morning on an empty stomach. It is more convenient to do this using a medical syringe, after removing the needle:

  1. Seat the animal on your lap.
  2. Gently pull the skin back so that the four-legged friend tilts his head slightly.
  3. Open your mouth and pour the required dose of medication into the corner of your mouth, avoiding contact with the tongue.
  4. Actions should be repeated 2-3 times a day until the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, the desired result is achieved in 6-18 hours.

For severe constipation, a cleansing enema is used. It should be done carefully, the kitten should not be afraid of your actions. For the proper conduct of this medical procedure, it is best to seek the help of specialists from the veterinary hospital.

Preventing pet constipation is an important part of treatment.

Preventing constipation in cats is an important part of treatment.

Cats that are prone to constipation require more attention and care from the owner. Simple preventive measures will help to avoid unpleasant incidents:

  • Careful pet combing. This will help to remove the excess accumulated wool and prevent it from entering the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Proper and healthy food enriched with vitamins, fiber and protein. Do not feed the animal off the table. It is best to enter into the diet porridge, oat bran, liver, milk, vegetables. If special solid feed prevails in the diet, it is necessary to provide the cat with unhindered access to water.
  • An active lifestyle helps to improve the performance of the intestines. It is necessary to increase the time and number of walks pet. If the cat does not go out, get special exercise equipment and toys.
  • From time to time, add small doses of vaseline oil to food.

Remember that timely prevention is always better than the treatment of the onset of the disease. Finally, it remains to note that using petroleum jelly with constipation in cats will help you get rid of the problem as soon as possible and will return your pet a healthy look. And the implementation of simple preventive measures will prevent recurrence.

If the treatment does not help, and your furry friend continues to suffer from constipation, immediately contact a veterinary clinic.

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