Variegated dören

Any gardener would like to decorate their beds with a plant that will delight the eye for a long time. To this end, many variegated varieties are grown. Planting and caring for this shrub will not give the owner extra hassle, as the yarn is unpretentious, and its bright leaves and large inflorescences surprise with sophisticated beauty.

Variegated dören - a shrub of the family “warmed”, reaching a height of about 3 meters. There are many varieties of this "small tree". Its bright red branches, covered with purple leaves with green streaks and splashes, are visible from afar. Because of this, this plant is often used to isolate remote areas of the garden.

In the period from May to June, white inflorescences with a diameter of 5 cm appear on the bush, in the place of which inedible bluish-white berries form in autumn. Growing turf does not require much effort: the shrub can grow and multiply even with minimal care.

What you need to know those who want to plant a bush?

variegated dören

In order to land the variegated grass in your area, you can purchase:

  • seeds;
  • cuttings;
  • shoots from the root;
  • cuttings.

Sowing is carried out most often only for the purpose of selection. Seeds subjected to special effects of temperature (stratification), are sown in the soil in the spring, and the usual - in the fall. Interestingly, almost 100 percent of them are sprouting.

Gardeners also cut cuttings with 6-10 buds in the spring and place them in greenhouse conditions. By the onset of the first cold weather, they are ready to land in the open air. If you need a process, in the beginning of spring, separate the young shoot from the bush with a piece of the root and plant it in a moist pit. It is possible to stimulate the trees for reproduction by layering in this way: bend the branch downwards, fix it with the help of a metal bracket and sprinkle it with earth.

This shrub:

  • easily adapts to the soil, but grows more intensively in acidified, with the addition of lime;
  • prefers penumbra;
  • should not be close to other garden plants, especially to tall trees, as well as to pines, tuyam, spruce.

Experts advise to prefer the breeding of turf with lignified cuttings, because under any part of the bark the root buds are hidden, which can wake up at a critical moment and prevent the branches from withering.

Flowering can be expected if the plant has reached the age of three.

Beauty care is not tiring

variegated dören

A variegated bush will not die without water during hot weather, but it will look fresher and more beautiful if you do not forget about watering as the soil dries out. In addition, felts:

  • frost-resistant, but needs warming in winter (the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise rotting processes may begin);
  • Annually, in July and August, it should be cleaned of dead parts and cut to form a beautiful symmetrical crown, especially if it serves as a hedge. Pruning is supposed to be quite low, because such bushes grow very quickly.

It is noteworthy that the ravens of this species rarely suffer from pests or become infected with various diseases. But sometimes on the shoots parasitic aphid or fungus. This problem is easily solved by flushing the parasites with a stream of water, as well as spraying:

  • infusion of garlic or tobacco;
  • household soap solution;
  • insecticides;
  • chemical or biological fungicides (depending on the degree of damage).

The most damaged shoots are recommended to be removed and for some time to limit soil moisture, so as not to provoke the re-development of a fungal infection.

At least once a month (in the warm season) a complex feeding of the shrub with mineral fertilizers is useful, which pour directly under each shrub.

One of the best ornamental plants used for landscape design is variegated grass. Planting this plant and caring for it is possible even for amateur gardeners who do not have extra time. Bright and lush bushes grow intensively, destroy weeds and enliven alpine hills or slightly shaded corners of the garden with motley shades.

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