Useful things for the house do it yourself. original ideas

Of course, useful things for the house can be purchased in the store, but they can never be compared with homemade ones, which keep the warmth of hands and fill everything around with coziness and comfort. However, to create useful things for the house requires good ideas and inspiration, which, in most cases, visits us less frequently. Then it is best to use ready-made creative ideas and implement them, adding something new from yourself.

Handicrafts for home are divided into those that are used for decorative purposes or used for functional use. The ideal option is when both of these functions are combined. Materials for creating crafts differ in their diversity, you can use almost everything that you find at your fingertips. Original ideas for home: a ping pong garland

Do you like everything bright, unusual and spectacular? Then this garland must necessarily please you. To create things you need: balls for playing ping pong, Christmas garland with colored lights, a drill, hot glue and a vice.

Useful things for the house do it yourself

To begin with, fasten the ball in a vice, so as not to crush it, put a piece of foam rubber on each side. Then use a drill to make a hole in the ball. Now it can be mounted on a light bulb. For fixing, apply a small amount of hot glue to the base. In the same way, fasten the remaining balls on the garland.

Curtains of beads and artificial flowers: how to do?

These colorful and air curtains are made very easily from artificial flowers and beads.

You will need a fishing line of a certain length - in order to calculate it, multiply the required length by 2 and add 30 cm. Place a large bead in the center of the fishing line and then, on the folded in half, thread the other beads. go back to stringing beads. Continue to alternate between the beads and the flowers until the free fishing line remains about 15 cm.

Useful things for the house do it yourself

In the same way, continue to make the right amount of threads. To fix them, use a wooden rail of a suitable length, making holes in it with a drill at a distance of about 10 cm from each other. Now it remains only to attach the finished thread on the rail and the original bead curtain is ready!

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Unusual do-it-yourself handicraft - a peg lampshade

If you are a fan of everything unusual and extravagant, then this idea must surely please you. In addition, it is a great way to save on the purchase of a chandelier. Using wire, secure the metal mesh to form a frame for the lamp shade. Thus, you have formed the basis on which you will need to stitch clothespins. Clothespins strung in random order as you like.

Useful things for the house do it yourself

Handicrafts for home: bath mat

Have you ever seen in the bathroom rug made of stones? If yes, then you will agree that they cause the feeling of being in a spa salon. When you look at such things, it seems that they are quite expensive, and they are not sold everywhere. But is it worth spending time and money on the purchase of such accessories for the interior, if they can be easily made with your own hands!

For the manufacture of such a bath mat you will need: rubber base - it can be a piece of rubber of the required size or a rubber mat, the main thing is that the material be waterproof; pebbles and sea stones (better flat), as well as super strong universal glue, it is better to choose with the effect of elasticity.

Most of the time it takes to create an unusual rug, it will take you to sort and select the pebbles you need in size, color, shape and thickness. There is no clear sequence, how exactly you need to lay out pebbles, do not start from your own preferences.

Useful things for the house do it yourself

The process of assembling the rug is very simple - first you should thoroughly wash the rubber billet, then dry and proceed with gluing the stones. They need to glue slowly, making sure that the space between them was as small as possible. This is very similar to picking up a jigsaw puzzle. After putting all the pebbles, give the glue time to dry at least a day.

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How many times each of us got excited about the idea to create something for our own house with our own hands, something very nice and cozy? The manufacture of such gizmos does not require too much time and money. But they are able to make the interior of your home truly unique.

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