Unsurpassed beauty of jasmine or coronoid chubushnik

For the similarity of indescribable flavors, Chubushnik in general, and Chubushnik coronetus in particular, is often called jasmine, which we grow in greenhouses or at home.

Chubushnik crown is a deciduous shrub plant.

It is often found in the territories of Western Europe and North America, as well as in the eastern part of Asia. If we talk about our country, then by location the crown colobus occupies the space of the Far East.

It does not have a single dense stem, but is divided into many smaller, straight trunks. They are covered with not dense gray shade bark. In very young twigs, the bark may not be painted in the usual gray, but brown.

The leaf plate of the plant is very simple in structure with an oblong ovoid shape. In length can reach from three to seven centimeters.


During the flowering period, you and I can observe the appearance of inflorescences of three to five flowers on the plant. Sometimes one inflorescence can collect up to seven - nine flowers, but these are rare cases.

Flowers of chubushnik coronary fragrant, white, even more likely a white-cream color. The formation of the inflorescences themselves takes place at the tips of young shoots.

The fruit of the coronate chubushnik is represented by a box containing small seeds. This box has up to five faces.

The plant tolerates winter frosts, although in severe winters and a bitter cold even a crown-bush can frost slightly. This applies to his young shoots.

Use of coronate chubushnik

The crown chubushnik is used both in single and group plantings. It is also used to create hedges. Only when planting the line from the chubushnik of the coronet one should choose non-sold areas protected from the wind.


The crown chubushnik perfectly tolerates a haircut, and you can give it forms to those that you wish.

Planting coronate chubushnik

And so, we remember with you that the place should be chosen sunny, warm, closed to drafts. If you choose a darkened area, then the landing will get frail, with poor development and short stature.

It is also not necessary to land the chubushnik crown in the area which borders on ground waters. Such a landing will not lead to anything good either.

Chubushniki coronary love fertile soil. In this regard, in order to please the plant, it is best to prepare a special soil composition for it: leaf soil, humus and sand in a ratio of 3: 2: 1.

In the landing pit must put at the bottom of the drainage of gravel and sand. The drainage layer should be at least fifteen centimeters.

Planting in such a way as to provide enough space for each plant of the entire planting group, and this distance is from half a meter to one and a half meters.


If a crown chubushnik is planted not by one row, but by several, then the aisle should be at least two to three meters.

The depth of landing chubushnik coronary not less than fifty - sixty centimeters.

When you bury the root system, allow the root neck to be no more than two to three centimeters deep. If you overdo it, the root may begin to rot, and then the process of decay will begin.

In general, the plant should be well tolerated landing in open ground.

Caring for crown crow

Mandatory for this plant regular watering, as well as feeding. Every year, pour up to one bucket of manure placed in water. Around the second - the third years of the life of the plant should begin fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

It is not required to cover the crown of the crown in winter.

Ensure that the inter-row spacing of your land does not attack the weeds.

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