Types of weaving bracelets from rubber bands manually and on

Recently, the weaving of bracelets made of small special rubber bands has become highly relevant. Not only children, but also adults - lovers of applied art are engaged in this fascinating business. You can create a bracelet of any weaving and width, it all depends solely on your imagination. In this article we will list the main types of weaving bracelets from gum, as well as consider the technique of their implementation.

What are the types of weaving bracelets of gum?

Types of weaving bracelets of gum

Since this occupation is becoming widespread, it is necessary for craftsmen and lovers of weaving to invent new ways so that each bracelet is unique. By the way, each type of bracelet weaving has its own name. It is generally accepted to classify bracelets of gum into two large groups:

  • simple;
  • complex (wide).

Each group, in turn, contains several subspecies.

List of names of bracelets made of gum

If you are just starting to learn the art of weaving bracelets from rubber bands, then you should try to make simple products. These include:

  • chain;


  • french pigtail;

french pigtail

  • fish tail;

fish tail

  • rain;


  • caterpillar


The name of each of the above bracelets symbolizes the method of weaving. All products are round. Some species can be made with a conventional fork, slingshot or fingers. But, for example, when weaving a bracelet "French braid" it is impossible to do without a special machine, since the elastic bands need to be strung together in several rows.

Types of weaving on the machine

Experienced needlewomen can weave a wide bracelet with a machine. Today, there are various types of wide weaves. The most common include:

  • ladder;


  • sidewalk;


  • chain mail;

chain mail

  • fishnet or dragon scales;

dragon scales

  • triple chains.

triple chains

Along with wide weaves, you can create bracelets made of rubber bands with different patterns: hearts, stars, spiders, bows, etc. The edges of the weave are made according to the classical scheme, but you will need to work with patterns. Therefore, these bracelets are best to weave needlewomen who have already acquired certain skills in this kind of applied art.

Master classes from experienced needlewomen

How to weave bracelets of gum without using a special machine? If you purchase a ready-made set of materials for creating bracelets, then, as a rule, a special hook or machine comes with rubber bands and rivets in the set. Today, instead of the machine, many needlewomen use crochet hook, slingshot, fork. To create more simple types of weaving, you can do without special tools and weave the product on your fingers. Let's look at the basic ways of weaving simple bracelets from rubber bands without a machine.


Necessary materials:

  • gum two colors;
  • clasp.


  1. Take the gum in two different colors.bracelets of gum without the use of a special machine
  2. Next, take one gum and form a figure of eight of it. We put one end of the ring on the index finger, and the second - on the big one.bracelets of gum without the use of a special machine
  3. On top of the put on gum we string another one, but in a different color. There is no need to twist the gum. We put it on the fingers in the form of an ordinary ring.bracelets of gum without the use of a special machine
  4. Next, take the ends of the gum, which was previously twisted eight. And alternately, each end of the stretch over the gum, worn on the fingers in the form of an ordinary ring.
  5. Then put on your fingers another gum. It is passed through the top.
  6. The lower part of the gum should be gently stretched to the top.
  7. So step by step we continue to weave the bracelet to the desired length. Here is a bracelet in the form of a chain should you get.bracelets of gum without the use of a special machine

"Fish tail"

One of the most common types of weaving bracelets of gum is a fish tail. Weave such bracelet can also be on the fingers without the help of a machine or fork.

Fish tail

Necessary materials:

  • gum of different colors;
  • S-shaped clasp.


  1. We put three elastic bands on the fingers in succession. Previously they need to twist in the form of eight.
  2. Next, the middle gum, without removing from the fingers, move down.
  3. Elasticated gum is removed from the fingers.
  4. The following elastic is put on fingers without twisting.
  5. Next, in places we change the lower and middle gum.
  6. Constantly remove the gum, which is in the middle of the series.
  7. We consistently perform all the steps and weave a bracelet to the desired length.
  8. In the end we form loops and put on a fastener. As a rule, the sets have plastic clasps made in the shape of the letter S.
  9. Here is a bracelet you should get.

How to weave a bracelet on the machine?

In ready sets for weaving there are special hooks and machines. Most machines are made in the form of rectangles with half-open cells.

How to weave bracelets on the machine?

The main types of weaving bracelets on the machine include:

  • fish tail;
  • herringbone;
  • hearts;
  • nominal bracelets;
  • little flowers.

In addition to bracelets, with the help of the machine from the gum, you can weave various figures.

Making a simple bracelet

If you decide to start work on weaving bracelets immediately from the machine, then it is best to practice on simple patterns.

Necessary materials:

  • machine;
  • gum of various colors;
  • crochet hook;
  • clasp.


  1. To make the bracelet beautiful, you need to correctly combine the colors and follow the sequence of their interweaving. To do this, lay out the gum of the desired colors in a given order.
  2. Next on the adjacent cells of the machine wear three rubber bands. The first gum needs to be twisted in the form of a figure eight.
  3. The edges of the lower gum are put on the hook and threaded through two elastic bands laid out on the machine in the form of ordinary rings.
  4. After that, put on a new gum and do the same step, threading it through the other two.
  5. After each step you need to add a new gum. Thus braid to the end.
  6. The ends of the bracelet fasten with an S-shaped fastener. Excess extreme gum can be cut and removed.

To date, this kind of art only gaining popularity. For weaving bracelets of gum can catch not only children but also adults. This is very useful because the process of weaving allows you to develop fine motor skills of hands. Novice needlewomen best to learn the easiest ways to weave. You can independently invent new schemes. Do not forget to share them with your friends who are fond of this kind of art.

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