Types of dishwashers for home

Almost everyone likes to eat tasty at the family table, but there are only a few who like to wash dishes after eating. A dishwasher can help you save your precious time and save yourself from the unpleasant work. Its use is gradually becoming simpler and more economical. Developers come up with new leak protection systems, low cost modes and other features.

They divide dishwashers into separate types according to several criteria. One of the main is the way of placement in the kitchen. There are fully embedded and detached or partially embedded. According to their functionality, they may be identical. Externally different placement of the control panel.

The fittings are attached to the built-in units to the cover. This option is suitable for the kitchen with an already formed design. New purchase will not violate the prevailing order. There is an opinion that detached dishwashers do not fit into the interior as effectively. However, when choosing the type of appliance in this case, they are guided by their own wishes.


Each dishwasher holds at least 4 sets of dishes, a maximum of 17. Under the set refers to two plates of different depths, two cutlery, a cup with a saucer. For a family of 2-3 people, a capacity of 6 sets will do.

It should be noted that this number does not take into account pots and pans. It is preferable to choose a machine for a couple of sets more. If from time to time there is a big mountain of dishes after receiving guests, then stop your choice on a machine with the possibility of incomplete loading.


Any car wash has at least four standard modes. In the expensive models there are additional features, for example, washing fragile dishes in delicate mode. In them there are also holders for glasses. Virtually everyone now has their own saving modes.


Continuous use of the dishwasher reduces water consumption. On average, electric appliances use up to 15 liters per cycle, the most energy efficient models are 8-9 liters. Absolutely irrational use of resources is considered consumption of more than 20 liters. Such devices are very rare.

As the volume of water used increases, so does the cost of electricity. It is possible to save a little (up to 20%) of the units with the ability to connect to hot water supply.

Leak protection

With full protection, a special valve will shut off the water if the integrity of the hose is broken. With partial protection, operation stops when the dishwasher tray is full.


In modern devices, the noise level is 38-55 dB. If you plan to turn on at night, it is better to look at models quieter than 45 dB.

Washing class

The quality of the washed dishes and the presence or absence of the slightest pollution is the class of washing. Marking with the letter A indicates perfect cleanliness.

Owners of dishwashers note that detergents in the form of tablets or powder affect the quality of washing.

Drying dishes

Dishwashers come with condensation or turbo drying. In the first type, dishes are treated with hot water, and in the second, they are blown with warm air.

Additional functions

The appliance often has a timer. With it, it is easy to set the right time for washing.


For example, consider the main characteristics of the dishwasher for the house Beko DIS 4530, to which attention should be paid.

The DIS 4530 is fully embedded and has a width of 45 cm. At a flow rate of 13 liters, it washes 10 sets. Possesses turbo drying, protection against leakages. An additional advantage is the regulation of the size of the unloaded upper basket, half loading and indication of the absence of salt and rinse aid.

With quick function&Clean the dishwasher can quickly and efficiently handle dirty pans and pots. The noise level is 49 dB. In general, the dishwasher is economical and roomy.

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