Tui landing and care

Evergreen shrubs are widely used in decorating and gardening. One of the most popular species is thuja. The reason is simple - unpretentious care. The shrub can grow on almost any soil, it takes root easily when planted and transplanted. In total there are about 5 species of thuja, differing from each other by crown and pine needles.

Thuja care after landing

  • Thuja care after planting consists in watering, feeding and timely cutting the shoots. Water the shrub about once a month.
  • In the summer of young trees need to arrange spraying. It will help remove the accumulated dust from the needles. In hot weather, it is better to do it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Tui landing and care

  • Very important pruning dry shoots. Usually it starts to be carried out at 2-3 years after landing. The clippers should be very sharp so as not to cause additional wounds and dents. The procedure is carried out in the spring and at the end of August. Pruning should be monitored. Cutting off a large number of branches can lead to the fact that the thuja weakens and starts to hurt. At one time it is recommended to cut no more than 1/3 of the shoots.
  • For the winter, the branches of the adult thuja are tied. Otherwise they may break under the weight of the snow. Caring for thuja after planting implies decorative crown formation. It can be cut off, giving a different shape. Begin formation should be after the shrub has reached the desired height. From a thuja original hedges and topiarny forms turn out. In this case, each bush should be located not less than 0, 5 m from the others.

Tui: landing and care at home

Thuja can reproduce by cuttings or seeds. A faster result can be achieved using the first method. In room conditions they grow thuja western and eastern.

For planting, you can use the seeds. They are located in the nubs of a bush. Of course, the easiest way is to buy a potted plant. At home it is better to arrange it in a well-lit place. At the same time direct sunlight should not fall on the needles. Watering preferably moderate. In hot weather, the plant is sprayed. The room should not be very hot. In winter, the temperature for normal growth of tui is 10-12 degrees.

It is necessary to monitor the growth of the plant and in time to transplant it into a more spacious pot. In spring and summer thuy fed. In winter, fertilizers are not applied. In summer, the shrub can be taken out into the fresh air and planted in the open ground until autumn.

How to care for thuja?

In the first year, the plant should be fertilized with organic dressings.

How to care for thuja?

Young shrubs prefer moderate watering. Adults can be watered abundantly when the weather is dry and hot. Under such weather conditions, the plant is watered 2 times a week. On one watering leaves 1, 5 -2 buckets of water. At the same time, one should not overdo it: the soil should dry out. Excessive moisture damages the evergreen tree. As for lighting, the shrub grows in full sun and in partial shade. It is not recommended to plant it in dark areas. Because of this, the crown may delaminate.

In the spring of young bushes can get sunburn. Therefore, they are shaded with light covering material.

How to plant thuya?

  • To plant thuja, you can buy young bushes or use a cutting from an already growing tree. In the latter case, a twig 10 cm long should be cut from an adult thuja. At the end it should be trimmed from the bark. This cutting is driven into the ground.
  • Purchased seedling planted differently. First you need to choose the right place. It should be protected from the wind, the site is well lit. At the same time, the sun is above the tree all day - the needles may turn yellow, and the shrub may lose moisture. Most often thuyu plant in the spring.

Tui landing and care

  • Once the place is chosen, you need to dig a hole. Depth depends on the size of the roots. The approximate diameter is about 1 m. Drainage is laid on the bottom, and on top of it is a mixture of soil, sand and peat. Do not deepen the crown of the plant too much into the soil. The crown should be filled a few centimeters from the place where the roots begin, i.e. is at ground level.
  • Then the planted shrub should be well shed with water and plowing the soil around to a depth of 10 cm. Young thuja are watered once a week.

Thuja or, as it is also called, iron tree is actively used in decorating plots and decorating houses. Evergreen shrub unpretentious, take root anywhere. In addition to the decorative qualities of the plant has healing properties. It fills the air at home with phytoncides and cleans it of harmful chemical impurities. Even an aspiring gardener can handle the content of the thuja.

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