Tree of happiness do it yourself

Hand-made souvenirs have always been valued more than various products of the industry. And if such a souvenir is able to attract good luck and happiness in the house and give hope, it becomes just priceless. In the last year, the tree of happiness has become particularly popular. It is very easy to do it yourself, and it will be a great gift made from the bottom of the heart.

How to quickly make a tree of happiness?

  • First select a small beautiful pot or make it with your own hands. Take an ordinary flower pot, decorate it with cords or paste shiny stones.
  • Now select the material for the crown of the tree. It can be dried cones sprinkled with silver paint, artificial flowers, plastic or glass beads, beads, artificial or natural moss.
  • Now you need to pick up the trunk of the future tree. To do this, any round stick or a natural twig with small knots will do. After you have chosen a future trunk, cover it with varnish or paint it with paint.

  • Go to the crown. To do this, find a thin knitwear and cut a wide circle and sew around the edge of the diameter with regular stitches and pull them off. You should have a bag. Then fill the bag with small foam, cotton or foam rubber - you get a tight round ball.
  • Now pull the thread harder, and insert the end of the barrel through the hole, then finally tighten it. Wind the end of the thread around the base of the ball. Secure the tree trunk in a pot. To do this, mix the plaster with water and fill the barrel, installed in the center of the pot, at 2/3. After the plaster hardens, cover the base of the tree with bugles, moss or pebbles.
  • Take leaves and artificial flowers. Cut the heads by 3 cm and insert into the ball. Cover the ball in succession, using flowers of different types and colors, insert oblong leaves between them.

How to make an original tree of happiness?

  • The original tree of happiness can be made using pebble gems. To create a trunk take fancy snags and rhizomes of plants. Rinse the root, free it from the ground, cut off excess roots and leave thick processes. Then varnish them and dry. Turn the rhizome up and attach to the base of the tree.
  • For the base of the tree, you can use a fragment of granite or marble.
  • Then, using a glue gun, glue the semi-precious stones on the roots in a different order. Stick in the form of figures, a bunch, and larger stones one by one. Glue moss or ornamental grass around the stones.

English version of the tree of happiness

  • For this version of the tree you need brown or orange paper, green, red or yellow yarn.
  • Twist 3 tight tubes out of paper. You should have a tree with 3 branches and 3 roots on which it will stand.
  • Now take the yarn of your chosen color and cut from it the threads of the same length. You will have a thick bundle. Then take and carry the threads start sewing to the tops of the tree.
  • When you sew all the threads, you should have a palm tree. You can decorate the threads with small rhinestones, and at the top fix the butterfly figurine. Decorate the roots of the tree with pebbles.

Secrets of making a tree of happiness do it yourself

  • If you have a glue gun, cover the crown with bay leaves.Begin to glue them from the top of the head and in circles get down to the base. Glue them only half to the tips remain unstuck and lagged behind the crown. You can complete the design of the crown by gluing different colors of the beads between the leaves.
  • To create the crown of the tree, you can use plastic balls, old paper or newspapers, dried flowers, pebbles, shells, colored paper, candy bows. They simply need to be rolled up into a tight bundle, wrapped in threads and smeared with paste.
  • The tree trunk can be made from any stick, paper, the main thing is that it reaches the bottom of the pot and stands steady.

Coffee tree of happiness do it yourself

  • Take 100 g of roasted coffee beans, a plastic cup, a brush with flat whips for whitewashing, a small plastic ball, 2 gum, which pack money, scissors, brown thread, colorless all-purpose glue, plaster and sand, a stick of 20 cm for a barrel with a diameter of 1, 5 cm, ordinary rope twine 0, 5 m.
  • Now cut the ropes on the brushes for whitewashing, disassemble into separate threads. Wrap this rope one end of the stick for the trunk, secure with a rubber band. Grease the stick with glue, then wrap the whole with ropes. Secure the other end of the wand with a rubber band.
  • Carefully make a hole in the ball so that the ball can be put on the barrel. Put on the ball and paste it with coffee beans using glue. Glue the grains in 2 layers, alternating the grains with winding lines. Cover the cup with the threads of the brush.
  • Try to create a wood effect. Then put plaster and sand into the cup. Now insert the finished barrel with a crown. Decorate the base of the tree with 3 stones and moss, slightly opening the sand. Tie a glass with string, and at the base of the tree glue 5 coffee beans. At the top of the tree can stick a figure of a ladybug.

As an ornament, as a talisman or a gift to a dear person, the tree of happiness will be simply irreplaceable. To create it does not require special skills and too much preparation. Anyone who has the desire to please himself and devote some time to the creative process is able to create it.

On other ideas for creating a tree of happiness, read the article Topiary do-it-yourself.

Small The tree of happiness, created with your own hands from the most unusual and beautiful things, will give you the opportunity to express your imagination and sense of beauty, give hope for a happy future and bring a ray of light, warmth and kindness into the house.

Especially for -Yuliya

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