Torenia is a delightful herbaceous plant belonging to the family of norichnikovy. Today there are more than 50 different types of torenia. Since the plant is unpretentious in the care, it can be easily grown at home on the balcony, as well as in green gardens.

Torenia: growing from seed

Torenia: growing from seed

If seeds are used for breeding, their planting should take place in early March. First of all, you need to properly prepare the soil, which is mixed from loam and vermiculite. It is also recommended to add hydrogel in small amounts, due to which moisture will stay in the soil for much longer. Before planting seeds directly into the substrate, the soil is treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. By adhering to this advice, it will be possible to avoid infection of young shoots.

Torenia Kawai, planting and caring for which is the same as for other species, is distinguished by the unusual beauty of flowers. As soon as the substrate is prepared and disinfected, it is slightly moistened, and the seeds are sown. Top of them need to sprinkle with not very large amounts of vermiculite, then the box is covered with transparent glass and a layer of film is applied. This must be done in order to get the greenhouse effect.

For successful germination of seeds, you need to create an optimal temperature - about 23 degrees. If the temperature in the mini-greenhouse is lower, the seeds germinate much slower. Under all conditions, the first shoots appear after about 10-11 days. But seed growth can occur later, especially if the temperature is not observed - no earlier than after 18 days.

Over the next few weeks, you need to water the seedlings daily, but use a spray bottle for this. As soon as 3 full leaflets appear, seedlings can be transplanted into separate containers, the ideal option would be special peat pots, which can be simply placed in open ground. Thanks to this technique, weak roots will not be injured during transplantation, and the Kauai will not perish.

To seedlings began to bush well, you need to periodically remove the tops, simply by pinching them. As soon as the young sprouts grow up and fully mature, they can begin to be transplanted into the open ground. Perfectly fit not only hanging pots, but also garden plots.

Growing of seeds from seed, the bright photos of which attract gardeners will be an ideal option for those who want to decorate their homestead with beautiful multicolored flowers, but do not have time to constantly look after them.

Toreniya - very beautiful ornamental plant, which is often used to decorate balconies and garden arbors. In the garden it is perfectly combined with hosts, compact zinnias, petunias, ferns, balsams, lanthanum, argirantemimim, as well as other ornamental leafy plants.

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