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Tilda doll

Many of us have our own hobby. Someone likes to embroider or crochet, some create culinary masterpieces, and someone woke up an invisible passion for sewing dolls. Perhaps you have already heard about Tilda doll. This name was given to the usual rag doll by a Norwegian designer, who launched the tailoring of these toys under the same-name brand. Today, Tilda dolls are not only rag girls in colorful clothes and with rosy cheeks. According to the technique of creating such dolls, animal figurines are also made.

Want to have a Tilda doll, life-size patterns presented in this article will help you to make an original craft or a symbolic gift to your loved ones.

Tilda doll: manufacturing features

Tilda dolls

Even a novice seamstress can sew a Tilda doll. You only need to master the correct work with the patterns and hone the skill of stitching small parts. Tips from experienced needlewomen will help you with this:

  • pick a suitable pattern and increase it to the desired size;
  • all details should be cut out with an allowance of not more than 0.3 cm for the line;
  • Before cutting the fabric, it must be properly ironed so that there are no folds or irregularities left;
  • double details (legs, arms, wings) should be the same;
  • adjust the sewing machine to the minimum line thickness, but to the maximum speed;
  • As a rule, it is better to sew small parts immediately, so as not to do basting and unnecessary punctures with a needle on the fabric;
  • perform notches on the fabric so that when the doll or animal is stuffed with a filler, no roughness and curved curves will form;
  • all details are stitched from the wrong side;
  • to turn the item on the front side, you can use a pencil, wooden stick or special equipment;
  • as a filler for a Tilda doll, it is better to choose a sintepon, holofiber or sintepukh;
  • the filler should be laid evenly, the doll should be knocked down, but soft.

Tilda doll hare: patterns in full size and tailoring

As already mentioned, Tilda has become a household name. Under the logo of the same name are made figures of various animals. The tilda hare has become very popular. The needlewomen sew toys in full size, dressing their product in amazing and beautiful outfits. We want to bring to your attention a simple pattern of a tilda hare with a step by step description of the process.

Tilda doll hare

Necessary materials:

  • any fabric (two types);
  • scissors;
  • measuring grid;
  • ruler;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • threads;
  • filler;
  • needles.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Hare Tilda can be made in full size. This is easy to do with your PC: set the desired size and print the finished pattern.Tilda doll hare: patterns
  2. For sewing it is best to use linen fabric. The base of the hare is cut out of gray fabric, and the clothing is made of linen fabric of red color.
  3. In accordance with the desired size, transfer the pattern to the fabric. To make the pattern go flat, you can fix its edges with needles.Tilda doll hare: patterns
  4. Be sure to leave approximately 0.3-0.5 cm on each side for the seams.
  5. If your chosen fabric crumbles and stratifies, then you can process it with an adhesive solution. Dissolve 1 part of stationery glue in water and lightly blot the edges of the fabric. No traces will remain, and the threads will stick together tightly.
  6. Stitch all seams on the machine according to the lines on the pattern. Leave the edges unstitched on one side in order to turn the product onto the front side.Tilda doll hare: tailoring
  7. Sew together all the details.Tilda doll hare: tailoring
  8. With a simple pencil or wooden skewers turn out all the details on the front side.Tilda doll hare: tailoring
  9. Iron all the details, smoothing the seams.
  10. Take the filler and gently, without tearing the edges, tamp every detail, tightly putting it inside, so as not to leave voids.Tilda doll hare: tailoring
  11. Fill every part with padding polyester or down.Tilda doll hare: tailoring
  12. Then chisel, tucking the edge, the bottom of the body of the Tilda hare.
  13. Attach the hare's legs to the body and mark them so that they are the same length. Then process the edge with machine stitching.
  14. Mark with a needle or chalk a place for sewing the upper paws. Then gently sew the feet with a secret seam.Tilda Bunny Doll: Compound Parts
  15. Sew the ears.
  16. Sew the ears to the head. Here is such a bunny Tilda you get.

    Tilda doll hare
  17. Embroider the nose and eyes with a cross or a satin stitch. Using a normal blush or lipstick brush to draw a blush on the cheeks.Tilda doll hare
  18. Cut out four pieces for the legs of the fabric of a different color for the legs and two for the cap.
  19. With machine stitching, sew all leg parts.
  20. Then perform the middle seam.Tilda doll hare: clothes
  21. Sew a hat from two fabric pieces.Tilda doll hare: clothes tailoring
  22. Cut one rectangle, which will go to the chest of the hare, and two straps for overalls. Sew them with pants.Tilda doll hare: clothes tailoring
  23. Put the pants on the hare and cross stitch the straps. Sew buttons for decoration.
  24. Here is such a glorious hare Tilda will decorate your home.

Sewing an angel: a master class

Angelochkov decided to give for Christmas. If you want to surprise friends or loved ones with a gift in the style of hand-made, then sew the angel Tilda.

Tilda Angel Doll: life-size patterns and tailoring

Necessary materials:

  • fabric for the body, wings and legs;
  • hair yarn;
  • accessories (crown, badge);
  • filler;
  • threads;
  • needles;
  • pencil;
  • ruler.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut the required number of parts.Doll Tilda angel: patterns
  2. Sew along the planned lines all the details in two parts, leaving overlaps for the suture element.
  3. Carefully unscrew the parts on the front side and fill them with padding polyester or other material.
  4. Combine all the details and sew the angel figure (Figure A).Tilda Angel Doll: full-size patterns
  5. Figure B shows how to dress a dress with an angel.
  6. On the pattern, sew a dress and make slits for the neck and hands. Gently tuck the edges and process them with a secret stitch.
  7. On the fabric in the form of cut wings, consisting of two parts. Sew them together and tamp.Doll Tilda angel: patterns
  8. Paint the eyes and blush with acrylic paints, and embroider the sponge with threads.
  9. Attach an eyelet from the wire, carefully strung the edges on the wings.
  10. Glue the crown and the inscription. It is best to use a glue gun.

Pattern clothes for Tilda doll

Tilda doll can dress in any outfits. Experienced needlewomen sew dresses, coats, costumes, swimsuits, ballroom dresses, etc. A dress is considered to be a classic dress for a Tilda doll. Let's try to cut and sew it.

Necessary materials:

  • fabric of several colors;
  • pattern paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • threads;
  • needles;
  • accessories for decoration.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Choose a suitable pattern, give it the right size and print it.Patterns of clothing size Tilda doll
  2. Transfer the pattern to the fabric and circle it with a pencil, making allowances of 0.3-0.5 cm on the seams.
  3. Gently scissors cut the pattern on the fabric.
  4. Cut out two identical parts of the dress from the fabric. Do not forget about allowances. They can be drawn directly on the fabric or made visually.Patterns of clothing size Tilda doll
  5. Use small machine stitching to trim the edges of the dress and sew two shelves between each other.Tilda Doll Tailoring
  6. Sew a piece of fabric to the inside of the neck and cut a hole. Sweep two fabric cuts between each other, and then use machine stitching.Tilda Doll Tailoring
  7. From a fabric of a different color, cut a few bands and trim them on each side. These will be flounces for the dress.Tilda Doll Tailoring
  8. Photo 23
  9. Then stitch the sleeves and stitch them inside out. Gently attach them to the dress and use a pencil to turn it out onto the front side.
  10. Treat the bottom of the dress with original tape, fringe or ribbon. Here is a dress for Tilda doll you get.Sewing dresses for Tilda doll

Today, many needlewomen are passionate about the process of sewing dolls. Tilda dolls will not only decorate the interior in your home. Such a work of art can be presented to a loved one. Tilda dolls play the role of charms. You can create absolutely any figures, just do not forget to share new patterns with friends.

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