Tilda doll do it yourself

Now hand-made things are very popular, and this is not surprising, because they are always incredibly cute. Each such thing is individual, unlike factory stamped toys. In her creation, the master puts a piece of his soul, kindness and tenderness, which, of course, is transferred to the owner.

About such things you just can not pass by, especially fascinating Tilda dolls. Few people are indifferent to them, someone sees nothing special in them, someone is afraid of them at all, considering them to be little demons, but those who are fascinated by Tilda’s dolls become their fans. To find such a doll today is not difficult, but sometimes there is a desire to create it with your own hands, to make it such that only you will have. Such a beautiful woman can become your guardian angel, provided, of course, that you do it yourself.

Tilda doll with his own hands: master class

The story of the Tilda doll

Dolls are called so by the name of their creator - Tony Finger.This craftswoman lives in Norway, and she first came up with the idea and design of such dolls. Later, books-manuals on the creation of such pupae, various patterns and, of course, other needlewomen quickly copied these dolls.

Anyone who has ever been to Norway will not be surprised why Tilda’s works turned out to be like this. After all, there is a completely different nature, other people and the atmosphere. The girls there are extraordinarily natural, simple and charming, they love to wear pigtails and dress in vintage clothes. All of this Tilda and reflected in their toys, the same sincere and heartfelt.

Tilda doll with his own hands: master class

In general, such pupae are distinguished by a great variety. These may be peasant girls, animals in the form of dogs, cats, mice, tigers and other animals. Looking at these toys, sometimes you wonder what to admire here, and it's not so easy to make them? But then you realize that they are some kind of magical and magical ones, probably, Finanger has pretty much conjured over them.

Such a doll is only one idea out of a thousand other variations of Tilda. You can Create your own doll that doesn’t look like anyone else, just remember to come up with a name for it!

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