Thermal transfer paper do it yourself

The recent trend of recent years is the decoration of T-shirts, bags, and backpacks with various thermal transfer stickers, which are usually ordered from design experts. In fact, you can make such a sticker on a T-shirt with your own hands, if you know all the details of the technological process. Thermal transfer paper and, of course, a flight of fancy are necessary for sticking a picture.

What is thermal transfer on textiles?

What is thermal transfer on textiles?

Thermal transfer paper do it yourself

Thermal transfer is the transfer of the pattern through an intermediate layer on a textile surface. It is used to apply logos on t-shirts, backpacks and industrial products. Thermal transfer paper coated with a special thin film is used as an intermediate carrier, on which a drawing is applied using a printer. After the image is printed, the film along with the print is glued onto the fabric under high temperature.

Thermal transfer paper can be printed on virtually any type of printer and fabric, but it must be remembered that the final result depends on the quality of the intermediate media itself. Thermal paper is best glued if a color laser printer is used, since the paint in such a device is not afraid of water and the T-shirt can withstand more than 50 washes.

Thermal Transfer Paper Types

Varieties of thermal paper on the type of application:

  • for colored textiles;
  • for light fabrics;
  • for inkjet printers;
  • for laser copy machines.

DIY thermal transfer paper: the process of drawing a picture

Necessary materials:

  • Thermal transfer paper;
  • program in the computer to create a design picture;
  • a printer (preferably a laser);
  • drawing for drawing;
  • iron with an adequate supply of heat;
  • solid smooth surface (polished table);
  • fabric on which drawing will be applied.

Basic drawing rules

It should be noted that when transferring the pattern to a T-shirt, it is desirable that the surface under the fabric be covered with a sheet or other even heat-resistant material without seams. This contributes to a more accurate application of the image. When gluing thermal transfer paper on textiles with your own hands, you need to heat the iron to the maximum temperature for smooth and neat clutch with a T-shirt. If you do not comply with these requirements, then drawing when removing the substrate will just begin to come off in pieces.

As you can see, the procedure for applying a pattern to the fabric using thermal paper is simple. The main thing is the observance of all the rules of the technological process. Qualitatively glued thermal transfer paper with their own hands can hold on for a very long time and not lose color. Thermal transfer to textiles is the easiest way to change a familiar thing and breathe a second life into it.

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