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Not so often you will meet people who have kept traditions to celebrate any holidays at home. The younger people are, the more often they prefer to celebrate birthdays and other holidays away from home. In the summer, they are chosen for barbecues, in the winter they go to cafes or restaurants. But after all the house will always feel a special comfort, the special warmth of the owners. Banquets at home will not undermine your family budget like going to a restaurant. Therefore, in the cold season it is still better to celebrate holidays at home. You can call friends for the New Year, you can call all the relatives on the anniversary of the grandfather, etc.

First of all, about the holiday in the House says table setting. An ordinary kitchen table does not accommodate a large number of people, so the table is chosen in the living room. You can move a few tables or use the table-book. (Your grandmother probably has one.)

Now that we have found the table, we need to set it up. Meals for the arrival of guests, of course, we have already prepared.

CThe wording of the table can betwo types: everyday and festive. If you have a big family, then every day, before you sit down together for a meal, you set the table. You cover the tablecloth (if it is not already covered and if you need it), you put the necessary kitchen appliances on the table, put napkins.

Festive table setting suggests elements of decor. It is designed for decoration, for aesthetic perception. Food should not only be tasty cooked, but also beautifully served. By what holiday is celebrated at the moment, and the table is served. Table setting therefore has a certain theme. This is either a New Year's table setting, or an anniversary, etc. There may be many options, it all depends on what occasion you decide to call the guests.

Table Layout Requirements

Table setting should be in harmony with the shape of the table, the shape and color of the tablecloth and napkins, with the external interior of the room. If necessary, table setting should reflect the national characteristics of a particular culture. It should always have a thematic focus. And all the serving items are arranged strictly in accordance with the rules.

How to properly serve the table?

Proper table setting is to perform basic actions in a certain sequence.

  • Cover the table with a tablecloth. To do this, you need to choose the right tablecloth, its corners should hang down about thirty centimeters from the edge of the table.
  • Put the devices. Plates set in front of the place where the person will sit. Glasses are rubbed, as are plates and rubbed with a napkin or towel to make it shine. Forks, knives are laid out on plates, on top of napkins, on the right side of the plate.
  • Decorate the table with napkins. Napkins should lie near the plates of the guests. If necessary, the guest will take napkins from the napkin holder. There may be several of them on the table, it all depends on the scale of the event. Also, small linen napkins will not interfere in order for the guest to put them on their knees. About how you can beautifully roll napkins on the table, read the article How to fold napkins ?.

  • Arrange Spice Devices. They must be delivered in single quantity for two persons. Put the salt on the left side of the pepper.
  • Decorate the table. To decorate the table, you can use fresh flowers. Specially buy fresh flowers do not need. They can bring guests. Therefore, prepare the vases in advance. Paper flowers are also suitable for decorating the table (read the article "Making flowers with your own hands"). The theme of the holiday will tell you how else you can decorate a table or a room where a banquet takes place. Sometimes they decorate the whole house (in the case of the New Year).

Summer table setting

Many experts offer the most up-to-date summer table setting. This table setting is everyday, for every day. For this you need to stock up bright tablecloth. It can be monophonic or color. It may be small or large color images.

It is good if you have plates and cups, and a teapot or coffee pot with a picture of flowers. Napkins on his knees need to pick up a bright color. Paper napkins for hands with flowers will perfectly complement the overall theme. It is good if there will be cut flowers or branches of flowering shrubs (lilac, bird cherry) on the table. It is even better to put indoor plants near the table.

That's all you need to create a summer holiday mood in your kitchen. If breakfast and lunch and dinner are good, dishes will decorate sprigs of fresh greens. It will look great basket of fruits on the table. Moreover, in the summer more than ever we need vitamins.

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