The suit of the buffoon

Buffoon is an integral participant of all fairs and folk festivals. Not a single celebration in Russia could have done without his amusements and entertainments. The junkie was called the junkie before, and so far fun and fun are associated with its colorful way. The dress of the buffoon is suitable for a vigorous and active child who is not ashamed of bright colors in his attire and will be able to supplement them with an energetic fuse.

What you need to create a suit buffoon?

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To sew a beautiful suit of buffoon, the photo of a suitable image should be selected in advance. It is necessary to study all the components of his outfit and choose the appropriate composition in clothing.

The toilet of this character can consist of piecework overalls or a motley shirt and pants, girded with a catchy color belt. The top of the shirt or jumpsuit is decorated with a turn-down collar. Also an integral part of the costume is a hat, according to which, in the old days, the buffoon was always isolated from the crowd.

In order to create a themed costume you will need the following materials:

  1. suitable fabric of 2 bright colors;
  2. white fabric that will serve as a lining in the cap;
  3. a pair of pompons to match the shades of fabric
  4. color matching threads;
  5. linen gum and buttons.

The proposed list can be supplemented with its accessories, decorations, etc. trifles, with which you can transform a costume.

How to sew a suit buffoon?

How to sew a suit buffoon?

How to sew a buffoon suit?

  • To create a buffoon suit, the pattern is necessary. Cut out to be a jumpsuit or a shirt and pants, as well as a hat. You should start with clothes, and then proceed to the headdress. The pattern must be drawn on paper, based on the measurements of the child, after which it is attached to the fabric with pins. Cutting the pattern from the fabric, you need to leave a couple of centimeters of stock for further seams. When everything is ready, you can sew parts and process the inlay. Then, buttons are sewn on, and a clothesline is inserted into the cuffs and leg trousers.
  • After the main part of the suit sew the collar. It is a single-layer jabot, consisting of 2 multi-colored fabric semicircles. For him, too, should create a pattern and cut out of it from the fabric. To make it wavy, you need to tighten one stitch of the seam, and to look neat, you need to fasten ties to the collar.
  • The cap of the buffoon is a bit more complicated; its pattern consists of 2 stages: first the lining is cut, and then the main part. It should also consist of 2 parts of different color fabrics. Forming the pattern, it should be remembered that the lining of the cap should be slightly smaller than the main part. The lining is needed for the headdress to keep its shape, so after stitching the parts, it must be carefully straightened inside. At the end of the hat you can sew pompons.
  • To make the costume bright and elegant, it can be supplemented with sequins, beads or shiny beads. If tailoring is dedicated to the New Year's party, decorate it with colorful rain.

In general, the creation of a suit is not troublesome and does not take much time. Also, it does not require significant financial costs for the necessary materials. It will be pleasant to child to put on such motley and amusing outfit which does not hold down movements and cheers up all. Of particular importance to this toilet for your baby will give the fact that his mother sewed!

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