The smallest cats. which breed to choose

Today, the fashion for exoticism in choosing a pet becomes more and more popular. Some people love big cats, and others, on the contrary, want to have a tiny kitten of a special breed. For such a baby, even a studio apartment will become a huge space, because growing up, it will still remain miniature.

The presence of a pet in the house creates a certain atmosphere in the home: they fill it with coziness and comfort. And cats can also calm and relieve nervous tension. Thus, the presence in the house of a cat or a cat will help improve your mood and join nature. But in megacities, where people especially need to regularly relieve nervous tension, there is one problem: a small area of ​​housing. Because of this, not everyone is ready to share their personal space with the cat. But from this situation, you can easily find a way out - these are animals of small breeds. They will feel great in a small house.

The smallest cats: breeds

Small breeds of cats in our day are not derived so much and not enough, everyone can choose their liking, because everyone has different tastes. Someone likes fluffy, and someone is smooth-haired, besides, they all differ in color and have a different origin:

  • The Scythian-tay-dong (toy bob) is a small breed of Thai cat. The largest adult does not exceed the size of an ordinary three-month kitten. But despite this, such pets are very brave and, moreover, muscular. They are not at all afraid of loud noises, screams and are not averse to starting a fight with their relatives. But in relation to people they do not show any aggression;


  • Singapore cat or singapore. Adult males weigh 3 kg, but cats - no more than 2. The eyes of this breed are very expressive, and the color is golden-cream. The coat is soft and silky, almost devoid of undercoat;

Singapore cat

  • Rusty cat, in another way it is styled spotty - red. Animals of this breed are the tiniest in the world. They come from India and the island of Sri Lanka. Adults weigh no more than 1.5 kg, and body length not more than 48 cm. Their hair is gray with characteristic red spots;

Rusty cat

  • Napoleon This breed got its name in honor of the great French emperor. They are a hybrid of Persian and Munchkin. The weight of an adult animal - does not exceed 2 kg. The eyes are always open very wide, and the look itself is trusting and touching. Their appearance is a reflection of affectionate character. Such cats do not even know what aggression is;


  • Minskin - this breed was bred, aiming at combining the curly Rex wool and the sphinx suede skin into one whole. The ears of the representatives of this breed are large, and the muzzle is wide and short, together this combination looks funny. The coat is short and satin, well attached to a small body. But it covers mainly the tail, head, legs and ears. On the body hairs are rare. Despite their small size and short legs, they easily lend themselves to high furniture and even trees;


  • Devon Rex. Outwardly, they are somewhat reminiscent of elves, and also claim to be the smallest cats in the world. A tiny head combined with large ears and a short muscular body looks funny. And wavy wool does it all - makes representatives of this breed fantastic creatures! By the way, these cats are leading in breeding at home;

Devon Rex

  • Balinese cat. Her build is average or less than average. They are very elegant and slim, and their legs are thin, like porcelain figurines. The profile of the face is elongated, and the head itself is wedge-shaped. Their color is similar to the Siamese, the length of the coat is average. They are so attached to their owners that some even walk their pets on a leash;

Balinese cat

  • Roy Galusha once decided to cross La Perm with Munchkin, as a result of this an interesting breed of cats appeared - Skokum, which in translation from Indian language means - "brave". Their neck is short, and the head is medium in size. The body is quite muscular with a very powerful chest. Their main characteristic difference from other breeds is curly hair with a collar. Another unique feature of these animals is the strongest devotion to their owner. They can be advised to get those people who do not like excessively noisy pets;


  • Black-footed cat. Such animals are so small that they often choose rabbit minks as a residence. They are sometimes affectionately called the "ant tiger", because they are not averse to living in termite mounds. The length of their bodies varies from 36 to 52 cm, and the weight is about 1.6 kg. Their color is yellow-sandy, perfectly combined with the wildlife of southern Africa.

Black-footed cat

Cats with small legs: munchkins

Munchkins are a very rare breed of cats with short legs. In the people they are called cats-dachshunds. This breed did not appear as a result of crossing others, but on the contrary, it was born as a result of mutation. The birth of these cats is due to the presence of the dominant achondroplasia gene. When one of the parents has this gene in the body, there is a chance that cats with short legs will appear in the offspring.

Cats with small legs: munchkins

In the world, these animals began to appear from the 40s. 20 in., But the species was presented to the public in 1991. But skeptics of those years began to argue that breeding such animals adversely affects the health of cats, namely: it provokes problems with the paws and spine. But in one of the universities in the US state of Kansas, special studies were conducted, during which it was proved that short legs do not affect the mobility, the spine and the general health of animals.

The name Munchkins (or in another way - "understated cats") was given in honor of the little characters of the children's fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz." As a breed, the munchkin was officially recognized in 1995 at TICA. But despite this, some world associations still do not recognize these cats as a separate breed, because of this in Europe such animals are very rare.

Many owners of representatives of this breed of cats observe dog behavior in their pets - they like to walk on a harness, easily get used to the new environment, do not show aggression in relation to other animals.

In addition, these cats are great companions and easily tolerate travel and travel. They are very mobile, they can easily jump on high surfaces, but the situation with the descent from there is interesting: they descend like martens because of their unusual body structure. In addition, a fall from a great height can be dangerous for these cats.

The habits of these animals are very interesting, for example: in order to look around, they sit down on their hips, and their tail serves as a support for their balance. This makes them similar to meerkats. Moreover, in this position they can be a considerable period of time. Of course, short legs do not allow Munchkins to be excellent hunters, but they are like magpies, they like to collect various small things, and then hide them in secluded places. The mutation, due to which this breed is distinguished by short paws, did not affect the spine in any way, it is very flexible.

Each cat breed is unique in its own way and deserves a separate attention. The main thing is to love your pets and not to offend them, regardless of their size or color. A small animal is a great opportunity for those who cannot make a standard-sized pet because of the small size of the apartment.

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