The principle of action and recipes for the use of boric

The fact that in the apartment or house cockroaches started is pleasant enough. These insects cause disgust in humans. But their harm is not only in this. Cockroaches can be carriers of dangerous diseases. There are many tools that will help you get rid of such an unpleasant neighborhood. When choosing an insect repellent, try using boric powder (acid). This is an inexpensive drug that can help you, if used correctly, solve this problem.

How does boric acid act on cockroaches?

How does boric acid act on cockroaches?

When buying boric acid, you will see that it looks like a white powder, consisting of grains. Acid grains differ in size and shape. As a poison for cockroaches, boric acid is good because it has no taste or smell. However, for insects it is toxic. In addition, boric acid has a good antiseptic effect.

Each person can buy such acid in the pharmacy. On the shelves it can be found in 2 types. One of them is packing bags, which contain white powder, the other is an alcohol solution in a vial of dark glass. It should be said here that a solution of boric acid, which is called boric alcohol, is not as effective in its properties as a powder. It is better not to use boric alcohol to fight cockroaches, as its smell repels insects.

As you know, cockroaches can survive even radiation exposure, but simple boric acid is poison for them. When it enters the insect's digestive system and then through the blood into the nervous system. Here the acid provokes paralysis in the cockroach, and then suffocation occurs. It is clear that in order for the poison to begin to have an effect, it must get inside. To do this, it is necessary to make the poisonous substance, in this case, boric acid powder, work like a bait. Moreover, the cockroach should eat the bait with poison in large quantities. To do this, it is not necessary to mix different foods with acid; you can simply sprinkle the powder in the places where insects are most concentrated. Most often, cockroaches are located near the baseboard, by the bedside table or in the area of ​​the trash can. Therefore, poisoning agents are best placed in such places.

If the powder remains simply on the limbs of a cockroach, this will be quite enough. In this case, the poison will still enter the body to the insect when the insect begins cleaning its limbs. Theoretically, in order to get rid of a large number of cockroaches, 5 g of boric acid would be enough. But in fact, more raw materials are needed, because it is not at all necessary for the cockroach to crawl exactly to the place where the poison is scattered.

Actually, the dispersion of boric acid in places where cockroaches accumulate is the first way to combat them with this substance.

The feedback on this method of dealing with these insects is mostly positive. People say that after they scattered boric powder around the sink and the toilet bowl, the cockroaches were gone forever. The tool may not work if it is used incorrectly. If there are cockroaches that have not received the necessary amount of poison, they will feel the danger and leave the apartment. If the home is hit too hard by the cockroaches, you should add boric acid to various baits and place such tools in different places of the apartment.

Boric acid with cockroach egg

The most common remedy for cockroaches, where boric acid is taken as a basis, is a recipe with an egg

The most common remedy for cockroaches, where boric acid is taken as a basis, is a recipe with an egg. In this case, the egg works as a bait, and cockroaches eat poison along with dainty. Thus, the poison immediately enters their body.

To cook poison for cockroaches with egg and boric acid, use the following recipe.


  • boric acid powder - 30-60 g,
  • chicken egg - 1 pc.


  1. Take a chicken egg and separate the yolk from the protein. You will need a yolk. Place it in a container and pour boric powder into it. Stir in the ingredients until the gruel is thick in consistency.
  2. From the resulting mass to blind balls. The diameter of each ball should be about 1 cm. When the bait is formed, wait until it dries, and then scatter it in different places in the house. There are special places where the balls must be placed necessarily. These places include: kitchen, bathroom and toilet. In the daytime, balls can be collected, and at night to return them to the place.
  3. Cockroaches do not recognize boric acid in the bait, they only touch the antennae, the poison enters their body. In addition, getting into their community, the cockroach will infect their relatives.

To prevent cockroaches from reappearing (they can crawl from neighbors), process ventilation hatches with boric acid.

Reviews This recipe is positive. Many people who fought cockroaches in this way recommend egg and boric acid to others. Someone found a recipe on the Internet, someone knows it from the older generation, but almost everyone says that the way really works.

Other agents from cockroaches containing boric acid

To create the bait can also be used powdered sugar and potatoes.

Recipe 1


  • boric acid - 200 g
  • icing sugar - 60 g
  • starch - 60 g
  • vanilla sugar - 20-30 g
  • water


  1. Make a mixture of boric acid powder, starch, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar.
  2. In the resulting mixture, add water in such quantity that a thick curd is obtained.
  3. Make a ball of porridge and follow the already familiar pattern.

Recipe 2


  • powdered sugar
  • flour
  • boric acid
  • water


  1. In equal proportions, mix all the ingredients listed in the recipe, except water.
  2. Then knead the dough on the water.
  3. From the dough, as in the case of bait with an egg, form balls and scatter them around the dwelling.

Recipe 3


  • potatoes - 1 pc.
  • chicken egg - 1 pc.
  • boric acid - 1 pc.


  1. Potatoes need to cook without peeling.
  2. After cooking, remove the skin from it.
  3. Boil an egg and clean it.
  4. Mash these ingredients.
  5. Then add boric acid to the mixture.
  6. In the future, repeat the steps indicated in the previous recipes.

Before poisoning insects with mixtures with boric acid, carry out a thorough cleaning of the premises in which you will put balls or powder. Because boric acid will not work in a heavily polluted home with a spray, as cockroaches will be able to find plenty of other food.

According to the reviews, the agents from boron acid cockroaches, described above, are also effective. With their help, it is possible to destroy a small population of cockroaches.

It should be noted that before poisoning, cockroaches could lay eggs and eventually new insects will appear. Then the procedure will have to be repeated.

Beginning to use boric acid from cockroaches, remember that these tools do not give a full guarantee. The sense in the use of these funds is in the event that the insects in the apartment are not whole hordes. Many people believe that boric acid can have a harmful effect on people living in an apartment. This statement is not true, so you can safely use boric alcohol or powder in the fight against cockroaches and ants.

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