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The organizer of a good mood on the birthday of a man and a

A good mood, unfortunately, cannot be reserved or ordered. But how I want the eyes of loved ones to radiate with happiness and joy! But nothing prevents to organize a positive charge on your own. For this, all you need is to assemble a good mood organizer. On the birthday of loved ones, he will certainly be the most "fantasy" gift.

What is the essence of a good mood organizer?

Organizer good mood for birthday

A good mood organizer is a kind of book, poster, or folder that contains pleasant little things with little notes that guarantee a good mood to the addressee. Such organizers can be made in a different format: from paperman’s sheet to thick folio — how much fantasy is enough. The main principle of making such a gift is taking into account the interests of the person to whom it is intended. Then the gift just will not go unnoticed. In addition, this is a great way to talk about your feelings, if the gift is intended to a loved one.

What you need to prepare in advance?

Before taking up work, you need to find out some details related to the design of a kind of "joy diary." So what needs to be prepared?

  • filling the organizer (these can be pictures, photos, candy, small gifts or iconic trifles);
  • adhesive tape of different size (very convenient to use double-sided) and PVA glue (or silicone);
  • paper for the basis of the diary (cardboard or thin plywood, if the organizer is planned in the form of a poster);
  • dense sheets on which gifts will be attached;
  • markers or markers for signatures.

Making a birthday organizer for a man

The choice of a gift to a man is always fraught with certain difficulties, since the range of interests of the stronger sex implies either very expensive or very intricate things that can be a surprise. That is, by giving cosmetics or clothes, you can surprise and please a girl or an older lady, but not a man. But the organizer of a good mood, created in accordance with the interests of the representative of the stronger sex, is an excellent way out of the situation. Consider some options for such a gift.

For football lover

If a man loves football, you can make an organizer poster dedicated to this hobby.

Organizer good mood do it yourself


  • sheet A1 (drawing paper);
  • double sided tape;
  • markers;
  • label of your favorite beer (or other beverage);
  • diapers;
  • whistle;
  • picture with friends;
  • photos of your favorite players, coach;
  • picture with the logo of your favorite team, etc.


  1. With the help of adhesive tape glue "gifts".
  2. We make a title (for example, "The most tireless fan").
  3. Then comes the creative stage: you need to come up with original signatures for the offerings (for example, for the label - “Together football is even nicer”, for pampers - “So that nothing distracts”, for the whistle - “When the judge is wrong”, for a friendly photo - “Even when it's not close, it's still close ", for the photo of the players and the coach - funny nicknames).
  4. In the center of the collage we glue the team (or teams) logo.

For the motorist

Men are not indifferent to cars and all sorts of technical things. Therefore, the organizer of a good mood - the male variant with wishes - can be done with this weakness in mind.

Materials for organizer as a gift to motorists


  • folder;
  • A4 sheets (with a density of at least 80);
  • double sided tape;
  • The inscription printed on the printer, "Organizer good mood for (the name of the recipient)"
  • models of children's machines in miniature;
  • napkins for glasses;
  • markers;
  • pictures of gadgets, etc.


  1. On the sheets stick the contents of the organizer with double-sided tape.
  2. We make funny signatures (under the typewriters - “To dream it was possible to touch with a hand”, under napkins - “To correct the makeup of your beloved”, etc.)
  3. We fasten the sheets with a folder.
  4. On the title page we paste the inscription.

Organizer of a good mood for a friend

Girls love surprises. And it should not always be something big, voluminous. Sometimes small gifts are more fun than huge boxes of battered soft toys or potted flowers. To give small souvenirs an interesting shape, they can be included in the organizer of a good mood. For women of fashion this may be a rather volumetric model.

Good mood organizer for a friend


  • cardboard sheet;
  • thick paper (drawing paper);
  • markers;
  • double sided tape;
  • chocolates or labels from chocolate bars;
  • pictures of perfume bottles, jewelery, linen, etc .;
  • nail polish;
  • pocket mirror.


  1. On the Whatman paper we bend the edges in such a way as to give the structure a volume.
  2. Fasten the paper on the cardboard, gluing curved sidewall.
  3. Carefully make slots on paper that correspond to the height and width of bulk objects (bottle with varnish, case with mirror).
  4. We make small horizontal cuts and bend them inside, insert objects.
  5. Glue in the random order the remaining surprises.
  6. We make original signatures. For the mirror - "(the name of the addressee) of all the sweeter!", For the lacquer - "Beauty to the tips of the nails", for pictures with decorations - "Best friends of the girls are diamonds", for chocolate - "Portion of happiness hormones", etc.

Also, an organizer for a girl can be made in the form of a teddy bear. To do this, on the cardboard you need to draw a template, cut and fill it with suitable contents. The muzzle - at will - draw or outline the contours with the help of suitable pictures or volumetric objects. For example, if a girl is a needlewoman, her eyes can be made from beads, her mouth and nose can be made from pieces of felt, and signatures can be laid out with beads.

If you do not know what to give to a loved one, the organizer of a good mood for a birthday will be a very appropriate and pleasant surprise. Make it a snap, you only need time and more imagination. In this case, the gift will surely cause stormy delight from the birthday and give him a lot of positive emotions, will be a cheerful reminder of an unforgettable day.

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