The kitchen is the most important part of the house.

IKEA has recently held an unprecedented campaign that will help us find out how important for each of us is the kitchen space in our homes. As it became known, company representatives interviewed several thousand volunteers to find out about their culinary tastes, how often people meet with friends and family at their dinner table, and how modern cooking is socially integrated.

According to the survey, about 73% of people prefer to cook with their own hands, and not to buy ready-made meals in stores or eat in fast food, and 42% of them - cook daily, spending a lot of their free time at the stove. To the question: “Do you treat your friends with food prepared by you?”, The majority of respondents answered that they do not have such an opportunity, but 34% of them said they would very much like to share their meal with friends or close people.

The kitchen is the most important part of the house.

As it turned out, in most cases, people are embarrassed to invite large groups of friends to themselves because of a too small or poorly equipped kitchen. According to them, even 2-3 people can hardly be accommodated in their kitchen, and there is no talk about the possibility of joint cooking. Of course, such answers upset IKEA specialists, because at the moment there are many options for ergonomic and high-quality equipment, even for very small kitchen rooms, which really use every free space without taking up extra space.

Also for today's young people aged 18 to 29 years old an important aspect of daily cooking is social integration. After all, about 60% of young people surveyed said that they almost every day use the Internet to search for new recipes, watch educational programs about cooking, or even skype their relatives for advice. What is most interesting, about 15% of volunteers regularly publish online images of their culinary masterpieces, and 16% of people need a high-quality wireless Internet connection even during meals.

IKEA representatives interviewed people about what they would like to change in their kitchen at the moment, and how they represent the “kitchen of their dreams.” Thanks to innovative and rational ideas from IKEA, each of you can transform your kitchen beyond recognition, making it comfortable for cooking healthy and tasty food, get-togethers with friends and family dinners. You can turn the daily cooking routine into a real treat for yourself and your loved ones.

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