The flowers are red. description

Plants with the colors of scarlet, purple, carmine and other shades of red keep the championship level among other representatives of the flora. This is due to their beautiful appearance, and the fact that red flowers are treated almost always as a manifestation of warm feelings. With the most interesting and popular colors of red it is worthwhile to read more.

Flowers red: photo and meaning

Speaking about the colors of red and considering their photos, it is impossible to ignore the meaning that they invested in them in antiquity. The most famous - passionate, strong love, which meant a scarlet rose. But after all, besides it, there were red flowers that have slightly different interpretations. For example, according to belief, the sunny-red gerbera brought happiness, red gladioli were presented to a young mother who had a boy.

Red flowers

Absolutely any flowers, but always in scarlet colors, in many countries became a farewell bouquet before a long parting. And also, it was believed that a young girl should not be given a bright red flower: this shade "belonged" to a more mature age.

A few more interesting interpretations of red color and a particular flower, most common in Europe and Russia: the poppy was sent to a girl, in the gap with which they were depressed, and the tulip - the one whose thoughts were haunted. Red chrysanthemums were considered a declaration of love, more restrained than in the case of a rose. And the carnations talked about the purity of the donor’s feelings; Today in Russia they are presented as a token of appreciation, respect and gratitude to war veterans.

How to find out name of the flower with red flowers, suddenly caught my eye but completely unfamiliar? A few more distinctive features should be remembered so that the subsequent search is a little easier. For example, the shape and size of the leaves, their color, the height of the bush or stem, the shape of the flower itself. Ideally, even take a picture of the copy you like, as its image can easily slip out of memory. In addition, the presence of a snapshot can help when searching through Google: if you specify a query by referring to a loaded frame, you can often find out the name immediately, since the search engine will suggest all sources where such an image is noticed. And there is often the name of the plant.

Most popular indoor flowers with red flowers

Red flowers

Most often, the choice of women stops at room colors in red, as this is a great option for both monochrome and bright interior. Which is best to buy for your home?

Begonias - the most unpretentious of all the other room representatives of the flora. They have many varieties, but the vast majority of them have a scarlet color. Versions in begonia 2: 1 is ideal for flower beds, as represented by squat bushes, growing well in breadth. Its size does not exceed 20 cm., The stem spreads along the ground, there is no smell of large scarlet flowers. Dr. it is called ever flowering, its height reaches 30-35 cm, flowers in diameter less than that of the tuber.

Red flowers

Due to intolerance to frosts, this perennial is usually grown in apartments: it fits perfectly into almost every interior. It is enough to plant to be in the lit zone and to receive moderate watering. The soil prefers sandy, moderate or light acidity. It blooms from June to September.

Red terry gloxinia varieties "Brokada", arrived from the American tropics, often adorn the windowsills in the apartments. It is a medium-sized, mundane perennial, with dense, large leaves with a velvety surface, located on a thick stalk. The flowers are on a long stem, have a wide pharynx and visually resemble bells, however, with more actively bent petals. Flower diameter - 12 cm, petals in the amount of 5-7 pcs. may have the same velvety coating as the leaves. On the bush, there are often up to 18-20 buds that have an uneven color: the core is often lighter, sometimes goes into white. The flowering period is May-September, vegetation in spring and summer.

Red flowers

The representative of the genus rhododendron - azalea, whose Greek name is interpreted as "rose tree" - also has varieties with rich red flowers. In any interior it will be riveted to attention due to the abundant lush flowering. Buds with a variety of textures - corrugated, velvet, satin - can not go unnoticed. The dwarf shrubs themselves, do not grow above 0.5 m, the leaves are dark green and small.

Red flowers

The difficulty of caring for azalea scares away beginning flower growers from it: it should not be placed under the sun's rays and it is required to create high air humidity for it. If the heating dries the air, the plant is necessarily sprayed several times a day. Watering is carried out with acidified water as needed, the soil should always be hydrated. And you want to keep the azalea away from the kitchen - too warm air will harm her. 22 degrees in the room - its maximum.

The blood-red columney is definitely an attractive specimen, though not everyone is familiar. The stems are creeping, so they are often planted in pots suspended from the ceiling. The bush is spreading and lush, the leaves are small and oblong, dark, with a shiny surface. Tubular flowers are collected in 1 inflorescence, in sizes capable of reaching 8 cm. In depth they have a yellow color, the main shade is scarlet.

Red flowers

It needs a good, bright sunlight, a warm climate (up to 27 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in winter). The soil can not be overdry, but watering is carried out infrequently. But there is a constant spraying. In the spring-summer period, it is obligatory to feed Kolumnayu with mineral fertilizers. The end of autumn and the whole winter is a period of rest for the plant.

Red flowers

Garden flowers of red color: description

Alstroemeria is a great choice for regions with a cool climate. Large flowers, shaped like lilies, located on a tall (up to 1 m) upright stem, do not have a pronounced aroma. But at the same time they are loved by many gardeners. This perennial is easy to grow without seedlings, the usual sowing in the ground. Alstroemeria does not impose special requirements on the soil. It is enough to maintain a neutral pH and not to hide the bush from the sun's rays. Frequent watering is not recommended, and in the winter it is necessary to wrap with a covering material or dig up and bring into the house.

Red flowers

Scarlet Chinese roses, whose alternative name is hibiscus, also take root well in the middle zone. The plant came from the subtropics and therefore has certain requirements for its care. For example, she does not like the cold, why when growing it outside, they are surely cut before winter, as is the case with ordinary roses. Its stems are capable of stretching to a 2.5 m plank, the leaves are sparse, but large, and the flowers themselves in diameter reach 25 cm. It blooms actively and magnificently with an excess of sunlight and the presence of fertile soil. When pruning, it is necessary to leave the trunk with a height of 0.4 m and additionally to pile it up. Cover for the winter hibiscus is not necessary.

Ipomopsis is a rare but magnificent resident of middle belt gardens. A tall bush, reaching 1 m, with large flowers, elongated into a tubule with folded petals, and sparse leaves, can be annual and perennial. Ideal for curbs or flower beds under sunlight, does not have serious soil requirements. A loose land with a neutral pH is the best choice. Blooms closer to the end of August, goes to rest in the middle of autumn. Cold does not tolerate.

Coreopsis is a frequent inhabitant of rock gardens and flower beds, excellent for the middle zone due to its resistance to frost, refers to annual plants. It survives well on light sandy soil, does not require active moisture, likes sunlight. The bushes are low, up to 0.7 m in height, the flowers are large, deep burgundy. They have no smell, the buds open in July. Externally similar to large daisies with fewer petals and more angularity.

Red flowers

Crimson-red gulfs decorate the dacha plots for several years already. They bloom from the very beginning of summer, dying only with the onset of cold weather, because they are annuals. The shrub is medium in size, stretched to 0.7-0.8 m, along with a "candle" with a sharp top, medium-sized inflorescences with a subtle scent are collected. Leuccoids grow well in partial shade and in the active sun, but their soil should be constantly moistened. In addition to open ground, the flower will take root in the apartment or on the balcony.

The list of flowers with red flowers is huge. Here are only the most famous and beloved specimens in the middle lane, able to decorate any garden and house. When choosing any plant that blooms scarlet, purple or burgundy, know that, despite any difficulties in the care, it will advantageously emphasize the landscape of your site or the interior of the home.

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