The effect of colors on a person. how do flowers affect the

Everything that surrounds us, one way or another, affects our mood and life in general. Flowers are no exception to this rule. They not only make the air cleaner, but also have an aesthetic effect.

In part, the effect of flowers on a person can be called phytotherapy. Do not think that plants can affect the body only as part of tinctures and decoctions. The presence of flowers at home has a similar effect. Indoor plants are used not only to maintain a good indoor microclimate. It is believed that some types of home colors improve air quality. They absorb harmful substances, recycle them, releasing oxygen. That is why, in order to maintain health, it is recommended to plant flowers for people living in areas with poor ecology.

It is believed that indoor plants are divided into several species. Some improve the atmosphere in the house, others are able to feed off energy. The first establish harmony. The second many people consider vampire plants. This is only partly true. Neutralize the negative effects of these colors by moving them to a room in which there is an excess of negative emotions. Many people transfer them to rooms that they drop in less often than others, or put pots near the TV. Typically, this placement of plants is associated with oriental practitioners and Feng Shui.

How do flowers affect the human psyche?

The practical use of indoor flowers has a scientific rationale. As mentioned above, the plants in the room significantly affect the quality of the air we breathe. Due to the peculiarities of their vital activity, they recycle harmful substances, literally refreshing the air. In addition, flowers produce useful phytoncides. They, in turn, have a disinfectant effect. It turns out that it is not for nothing that indoor flowers and plants are generally called the lungs of the planet. This function of plants in rooms is invaluable. Everything that surrounds us, over time, is destroyed, releasing chemicals. This is especially true of various plastics and plastic. Flowers neutralize these chemical compounds. Ficuses, ferns, and palm trees are especially well cleaned.

Many plant species affect specific organs. Growing lemon home improves brain function, and Monstera affects digestion. The aromas of some indoor flowers are so useful that they can even cure diseases. So flowering geranium contributes to the rapid recovery from angina and cold. It inhibits the development of some infections.

How do flowers affect the human psyche?

Incredibly useful and cacti. Probably, many have heard that they reduce the amount of ions in the air that enter the environment due to various radiations.

The influence of colors on the human psyche

The influence of flowers on the human psyche may be due to the aesthetic pleasure that we get from one of their kind. Indoor plants have a calming and calming effect. This property is especially important in our time, when stressful situations lurk at every step.

Due to its ability to clean the air in the rooms, the flowers relieve us from migraines and headaches. A positive effect on the psyche lies in the state of joy that we receive when we contemplate and care for indoor plants. Many flowers affect the emotional state of a person. So it is believed that violet can prevent nervous breakdowns and reduce excessive emotionality. Begonia reduces aggressiveness and prevents conflicts. The fern has a similar effect. They say that it is worth growing up if people of different temperaments live in an apartment. He brings home harmony and understanding. In addition, room fern helps to get rid of distraction and begin to concentrate on one thing.

How do flowers affect the human psyche?

Dracaena at home will not allow depression and heavy thoughts to arise. The plant improves mood and brings joy. An orchid has a similar effect on the psyche. This indoor flower arranges thoughts and calm. Ficus is simply necessary for creative people. It affects the creativity. By the way, the density of shoots of ficus - an indicator of a good atmosphere in your home.

Garden flowers have a similar effect on the human psyche, as well as home cultivation of fragrant herbs. Homemade peppermint flavors, for example, relieve fatigue and give strength.

In order for plants to have a positive effect on humans, it is necessary to care for them and select the types that are suitable for you. When planting you need to take into account the lighting, humidity in the room, the possibility of individual intolerance. Listen to your feelings, love flowers and then their influence on you and your health will be only positive.

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