The dog has diarrhea with blood

If the pet gets sick, the whole family worries and worries. One of the most serious health problems in a dog is diarrhea with blood. The causes of the problem can be different: from damage to the intestinal mucosa to a very dangerous disease - leptospirosis. In any case, you can not hesitate, you need as soon as possible to go to the veterinary clinic.

Bloody loose stools are a threat to health

Bloody loose stools are a threat to health

The liquid stool of the pet is a signal to observe intently. Owners should pay attention to important accompanying circumstances. It is necessary to try to establish whether food could lead to diarrhea, whether there were any changes in behavior in the last days, in what places we walked the day before. All these details will help the specialist to quickly determine the diagnosis.

Additional symptoms play an important role in determining the nature of the disease. Often with diarrhea, the stool becomes an unusual shade. Highlight black can indicate bleeding in the intestines, white - to liver disease, green - to dog plague. If the dog has diarrhea with blood and mucus, it may be associated with parvovirus enteritis. Such a situation is quite dangerous, and its additional identifying signs are a decrease in temperature, disruption of the heart, unwillingness to drink.

Veterinarians are advised to seek help if the dog has diarrhea with blood or diarrhea with blood and vomiting repeated at least 2 times. The clinic will conduct a comprehensive examination, determine the essence of the problem and select an effective treatment. At this time, it is important to give your pet enough water to prevent dehydration.

Diarrhea with blood in a dog: causes

What could cause such a serious nuisance? The reasons are as follows:

  • intestinal walls are damaged by foreign objects (for example, sharp fragments of stones);
  • erosions and ulcers appeared in the intestines of the animal due to severe poisoning or infection;
  • ulcers that have formed in the alimentary tract due to salmonellosis are bleeding;
  • Leptospira parasites appeared in the body, which cause the disease "hemorrhagic leptospirosis". These parasites damage the intestinal vessels, worsen blood clotting;
  • bleeding caused by another parasitic lesion of the body - sarkosporidozom. The causative agents of this disease are most often found in raw meat. If your pet has been ill with sarkosporidosis, it is further advised to exclude from the diet unprocessed meat products;
  • infection with a viral infection - an atypical form of rabies. At the same time, the intestines are strongly inflamed, bleeding areas are formed;
  • blood in the feces appeared as a result of intestinal obstruction (invagination of the intestine);
  • damaged the integrity of the elements of the intestine due to the formation of tumors. This situation is extremely dangerous, often leads to the development of purulent peritonitis. In this case, substances from the damaged intestine enter the abdominal cavity, causing inflammation.

For help - to the vet

For help - to the vet

Experts determine what to do if the dog has diarrhea with blood, based on the research. To clarify the nature of the underlying disease, diagnosis and further treatment usually perform the following steps:

  • blood test. This allows us to make a conclusion about the features of the inflammatory process. At the same time pay attention to the number of red blood cells: if they are much less than the norm, then the volume of bleeding is volumetric or there are several such foci;
  • feces analysis. It makes it possible to determine the causative agent of infection, to assess the general state of the intestinal microflora;
  • radiography of the abdominal cavity. It shows the state of the internal organs, the integrity of the elements of the digestive system, the enlargement of the liver. It will also be determined whether there is fluid in the abdominal cavity.

When it is established which disease is accompanied by diarrhea and blood in the dog, the doctor prescribes treatment. Sometimes it is carried out with the help of medicines, in some cases an operation is required (for example, in case of intestinal obstruction, tumors, disturbances in the integrity of the intestinal walls). As a rule, for effective treatment a pet will need to follow a special diet.

Most often, diarrhea mixed with blood in domestic animals is a symptom of a serious illness. In no case can this problem be ignored; you should immediately contact a veterinarian for help. Timely actions of a specialist will allow you to quickly determine the cause of ailments and cure your beloved pet.

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