The content of chinchillas at home. care and feeding of

Recently it has become very fashionable to keep an unusual animal at home. He brings both emotional and aesthetic pleasure. But are animal owners always aware of the rules for keeping it? Do you have information about what a chinchilla needs? How to feed her? Do I need to bathe? What kind of housing does she need? Let's try to figure it out.

The content of chinchilla in the cage

The cage for chinchilla should besufficiently durable, therefore, the best material from which it will be made - iron mesh. In addition, the chinchilla needs spacious housing, so immediately buy a cage with the expectation of an adult.

  • The bars of the cage, and all of it should not be painted, otherwise the animal may be poisoned. Do not buy a cage whose parts contain plastic. Cell cells must be very small. This is to ensure that the chinchilla is not stuck between them, so as not to get stuck limbs.
  • The best thing purchase for your chinchilla cage with pull-out tray. It is more practical. In addition, it will be enough to clean this cage once a week. If you purchased a cage without a pallet - you will have to clean up the chinchilla’s dwelling more often, otherwise the harmful bacteria will multiply rapidly and harm your pet.
  • The best litter at the bottom of the cell is a newspaper. If you carefully monitor the cleanliness of the chinchilla's housing, then there will be absolutely no smell from it!
  • Once every few months need disinfect the cell.
  • When buying a cage for chinchilla, you must be aware that this animal is incredibly active. Therefore, the cage for him should be so spacious that the chinchilla could jump and play in it.
  • Under no circumstances can bedded chips be used as bedding. - this animal is allergic to this tree.

  • If the temperature in your apartment, in the hot season, has exceeded twenty-five degrees, remove the cage with the animal in a shaded place. Otherwise, chinchilla may overheat.
  • It is great if you have air conditioning, in which case immediately, in case of heat, take your pet to the room with it.
  • If you don’t have an air conditioner, put a chinchilla in a cage ice bottle. She will cling to it with her whole body, and there will be no overheating.
  • The feeder in the cage should hang on the wall, as well as the drinking bowl. Otherwise, the chinchilla will change everything. Drink a glass drinker, if you have already bought a plastic one, buy a metal mesh nozzle for a drinker. Otherwise, chinchilla will crush her. Drinker should be washed with hot water and soap, every time you change the water in it. This should be done to avoid the reproduction of harmful bacteria.
  • Must be present in the cage chinchilla mineral stone for teeth. Buy your favorite and running ring. This animal needs somewhere to do its activity.
  • The chinchilla in the cage must have a shelter. This is the place where she will hide when she wants to be alone. As an asylum perfect half of an empty tree.

Feeding chinchilla

Chinchilla food something like rabbit food, but still it is different. The trough of your animal should always be full, you can not worry - the chinchilla is unlikely to eat more food than it needs.

But still, do not put food in the feeder literally kilograms! In theory, 1 kg of feed for chinchilla should be enough for a month. If you begin to notice that your chinchilla eats more than the norm of food, while it became fat and lazy, you must put it on a diet. Trim the diet of the animal.

Hay - main power supply. It must be present in the cage of your pet constantly and in unlimited quantities.

You can give chinchilla one treat per day. Her favorite treat is raisins, nuts. Carefully ensure that your pet eats enough regular meals, not just delicacies. It is enough to give a treat 1-2 times a day.

Chinchillas are very mobile, funny and interesting animals! If you comply all the rules of caring for her, Your pet will be healthy, happy and playful! Chinchilla will give you unforgettable moments of happiness! About common rules and guidelines for the care of chinchillas, read the article General recommendations for the maintenance of chinchillas at home.

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