The benefits of needlework. what is useful needlework for

It is known that there are various points on the human body, when acting on which it is possible to cause harm, or benefit to certain parts of the body and organs, as well as cause illness, or help to cure certain diseases. Manual therapists deal with this in great detail. But also needlework is also an unwitting doctor.

When we are engaged in this or that kind of needlework, we act on certain points - the nerve endings on our golden hands, and this, of course, cannot but affect us. So what happens to us when we sew, knit, embroider, knit, embroider?

Hand embroidery for women's health

Manual embroidery cures headaches and tinnitus, mental fatigue, nervous strain, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, sprains, occupational diseases of the hands and feet, eating disorders, diseases of the urinary system, blood and lymphatic systems. Removes damage and the evil eye, protects against external negative influences.

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery treats diseases of the hearing, cranial injuries and the effects of concussion. Helps to restore intuition.

Macrame and its benefits for the body

Macrame treats heart and kidney diseases, nervous headaches, stomach pains, relieves spasmodic muscle pain, bone pain due to old injuries, relieves irritation, anxiety, hungry spasms, drowsiness, hormonal disorders.

Macrame is not recommended for people with sensitive skin and poor blood clotting.

Beadwork and its therapeutic effect

Weaving beads heals insomnia, diffuse attention, headaches and toothaches, metabolic disorders, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, convulsions. It is one of the most effective means for removing damage, evil eye, hex, curse, hypnosis and other directed negative influences.


Burning on wood removes tension, nervous tics, helps in the treatment of chronic diseases of the common cold, ulcers, diseases of the stomach, duodenum and pancreas, accelerates treatment for sprains, reduces pain during cramps, normalizes pressure. Smoke can not breathe. In case of allergic diseases and special sensitivity to odors, burning is not recommended. You should also not bring home a burning job done elsewhere.

Woodcarving and painting

Wood painting, like carving, treats myopia, helps with allergic dermatitis, injuries, bruises, hematomas, promotes the healing of duodenal ulcers, treats gastritis, bronchitis, shortness of breath, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, liver injury, wandering kidney, drowsiness, hypotension, nerve damage cough, various phobias.

Rodents for health

Lozatletenie treats polyarthritis, nervous tics, depression, hypotension, mental fatigue, loss of strength, headaches due to overload, aggressiveness, strengthens memory.

The benefits of sewing for the woman's body

The strongest effect when sewing is on the eyes, hands and indirectly on the brain. Heart disease associated with arrhythmia is treated, blood pressure is reduced, intracranial pressure is normalized, nervous breakdowns, shocks, headaches, insomnia, fatigue are prevented or relieved, the tendency to constipation and bloating is reduced, and blood composition is improved.

Sewing interior items

When we sew something for home, we treat headaches associated with weather conditions, liver, spleen, kidney diseases, relieve nervous stress, eye fatigue, tinnitus, swelling of the eyelids and fingers, stimulate the stomach and metabolic processes in the body.

Sewing soft toys, dum

Sewing something soft treats allergies, depression, aggressiveness, mania, diseases of the digestive tract, lethargy, drowsiness, hand diseases, helps with physical and mental fatigue, poor coordination, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, non-hereditary blood diseases, disorders of brain function, loss of orientation in time, reduces pressure.

Patchwork (patchwork technique)

Patchwork treats headaches, various neoplasms in the body, chills, allergies to wool, pain in the legs and cramps, colds and inflammation of the respiratory tract, diseases of the vocal cords, nasal bleeding, poor blood clotting, circulatory disorders in the legs, lethargy.

Knitting and its medicinal properties

Knitting needles heals cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, tooth and headaches, inflammation of the kidneys, diseases of the nervous system, helps with spinal injuries, brain concussion, contributes to the early release of depression and endures severe shocks.


Crochet helps to get rid of headaches, dental and ear pain, treats colds and cardiac diseases, sclerosis, inhibition of nervous processes, liver and kidney diseases, osteochondrosis, fatigue and pain due to old injuries.

Knitting on the fork for healing the body

Relieves nerve headaches, pains due to old injuries, leg edema, dry skin, helps to recuperate when the body is depleted, improves hair and nails, slows down the aging of the body, treats disorders in the vestibular apparatus, poor blood clotting, nasal bleeding, various fears

Knitting on machines

Such knitting does not have a healing effect, but it helps cleanse the body of accumulated negative energy.

Tatting and its health benefits

Frivolitis helps in the treatment of inflammatory processes, headaches, hypertension, leg cramps, sprains, joint pain, polyarthritis, nasal bleeding, skin hypersensitivity, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, lesions of the central nervous system.

Lace weaving bobbin

Treats inflammatory headaches, tooth and ear pain, eczema, internal ulcers and wounds, leg cramps, inflammation and bowel disease, inflammation in the urinary system, inflammatory diseases of the nose, general irritability and angina. Helps relieve fright, cope with various complexes, inhibits the aging of the hearing organs and the general aging of the body, relieves tinnitus.


Needle lace helps with dysbacteriosis, the omission of internal organs, allergies to products and tissues, convulsions of the muscles of the face and neck, weakening of vision due to nervous shock, reduces irritability, heals coordination problems, respiratory diseases, inflammation of the lymphatic system, high intracranial pressure.

Embroidered Lace

Embroidered lace treats cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases without exacerbation, convulsions, post-stress diseases, phobias, abnormal changes in voice, irritability, insomnia, loss of strength, disorders of the vestibular apparatus, the fullness of the nervous system, inflammation of the digestive tract.

Truly amazing happens when, focusing on the good thoughts, the woman begins to needlework. And no matter what she does: she embroiders, knits, weaves knots or draws. In herruka born real guardian. All female mysterious, initial force is imperceptibly involved in this process!

So a woman transforms the world around and helps her body to be healthy, calms the nervous system, gets rid of negative energy and enters into harmony with its feminine nature!

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