Teschin language

This plant is sometimes called "iron", so it is ideal for forgetful people. Teschin language is easy to care for - from time to time he needs only a "sip of water." Good for all interiors, and also brings tangible benefits to the home.

Sansevieria is a succulent deciduous plant that stores water in fleshy and succulent leaves and uses it whenever it feels it is missing. The flower does not need much to survive, but it has one peculiarity. In winter, the feet must be dry, otherwise the roots easily rot. It is watered rarely and so as not to form puddles. When replanting the plant, a handful of drainage should be placed on the bottom of the pot.

Flower Teshen language: signs

He has so many names that it is sometimes unknown what kind of indoor plant in question. It is also called "pike tail", "Indian sword", "mother-in-law",

What does sansevieria give us?

  • Regulates well-being and helps to cope with stress.
  • Learn to approach life issues philosophically.
  • Makes a healthy atmosphere, enriches it with oxygen, strengthens the immune system and willpower, protects against colds and other diseases.
  • It makes it easier for weather-dependent people to relive flares in the sun and atmospheric fluctuations.
  • Couples helps to become more patient and overcome difficulties and misunderstandings.
  • Schoolchildren and students learn new knowledge faster.
  • The plant will take over all the negative, smoothing the sharp corners during conflicts and contention, not allowing the dispute to become a scandal.
  • Sansevieria protects and protects people, helping them to strengthen their faith in their own strength and knowledge.
  • The flower is very useful for the stronger sex, gives courage, courage, improves male potency.

In addition to the described miraculous properties of sansevieria, it perfectly purifies the air from pathogenic bacteria, microbes and all sorts of negative emotions, which the modern person lives in abundantly.

Transplantation "language crack"


It is rarely transplanted, the plant feels excellent even in narrow pots. But if you decide to transplant it, then before boarding:

  • do not moisten the ground;
  • put the pot on the floor and gently press it to the ground moved away from the walls;
  • remove the plant from the pot, taking it for its dense foliage;
  • put claydite on the bottom of the pot, add normal soil and plant a “tail”;
  • The first day requires limited spraying of the earth.


Very simple. Cut off the common leaf of the "pike tail" and bury it in the wet ground. In a month he will take root.


Almost all the “cracked tongues” that exist in nature are flowering. Those who saw this flower during the flowering period, felt an intense, sweet jasmine aroma, intensifying at night. But the plant blooms only once in a lifetime. After that, it dies.

Teschin language - a great plant for any home. It is not only just in care, does not require attention, but also brings to the family in which he lives, harmony, peace and joy. Also, the flower provides tangible benefits - perfectly cleans the air from dust and pathogenic bacteria.

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