Tangerine tree at home

The wonderful and tasty fruits of the tangerine tree appear on the New Year's table every year. But it is not only interesting with its fruits. This is a beautiful evergreen woody plant, reaching a height of 1 m and has unusual dark green leaves.

TodayExotic tangerine tree can be grown at home, you just have to choose a suitable dwarf variety. Excellent proven varieties of early ripe Japanese mandarins.

If you want to see a beautiful tangerine tree at home, then get acquainted with how to sprout a bone, how to care for it and in what conditions it is best to contain this tree.

Home tangerine tree: how to sprout a bone?

Tangerine tree at home

To germinate mandarin pit, buy a few ripe fruits and remove from there at least 10 seeds. Then take a piece of gauze, fold it in several layers. Put the bones in gauze, wrap them and moisten the gauze with water for several days. It must be kept constantly wet. Mandarin bones should swell and stumble.

Then plant a stone in a pot with soil and water it regularly. Be sure to put the pot in a well-lit place, preferably on the south window. In winter, the air temperature should not be below 120C. Nearby you can put a humidifier or regularly spray the sprout that appears. Water it as the soil dries.

How to grow tangerine tree?

  • To quickly grow a tangerine tree, its cutting is enough graft on any citrus tree. You can take a sapling, which is already 3 years old, and a stalk of the selected mandarin variety. Do it better in spring or late summer. For 2 days, the seedling needs to be watered, then on the trunk, which is 1 cm thick, make a transverse incision, after a thickness of 3 cm - a small longitudinal incision. Place the cut slightly apart.
  • With a mandarin stalk you need to cut the buds and insert them into the incision, pushing it from top to bottom. Tie tightly around the vaccination site with PVC tape, making it from the bottom. Apply top garden var. After 3 weeks, the scion must be dropped, but if it remains dry, it will have to start all over again.
  • After 30 days, cut the upper part of the stock above the vaccine by 10 cm. When the kidney dries and then begins to germinate, it must be cut further, already on the spike above. After that, the bandage can be removed.

Tangerine tree at home

  • To make it easier to take root, the stem of the seedling needs to be wrapped in wet cotton and put on the bag. To prevent the graft from overgrown, shoots coming from the stock need to be constantly removed.

Tangerine tree at home

  • Feed the tree should be regularly in the spring and summer 1 p. in 2 weeks. From fertilizers it is better to use organic, and chemical in a small amount to alternate with organic. Mandarin transplanted every year until he reaches 4 years of age. Further transplantation is carried out every 4 years. Flowerpots for wood should be several centimeters more than the previous one, but not much, so as not to acid the soil. Replant tangerine tree should be carefully, without bury the root neck. The soil should be nutritious, light and always at the bottom of the pot need drainage.
  • Reproduction of mandarin can be done by grafting, air layering, seed and grafting. Reproduction by air layouts is more suitable for mature trees. On them it is easier to choose the correctly formed layers. Cutting can not be used for each variety, the seeds grow well, but fruiting does not come soon. The fastest way to achieve harvest becomes a graft. Pruning a tangerine tree also helps speed up fruiting. For this, the apical shoots must be pinched in time, and thickening and weak branches should be removed.

The tangerine tree at home throughout the year will delight with its beautiful leaves and aroma that distinguishes any citrus. True, the fruits on it will appear only in 15 years. In order to speed up this process and make them edible, it is best to plant a cutting from a well-bearing tree.

The tangerine tree belongs to the ruta family, and its homeland is Southeast Asia. With good and proper care at home, a mandarin tree can not only grow, but even bloom and give up to 75 mandarins. They mature, as a rule, by the fall and can stay on a tree for several months. But for this it is necessary to carefully monitor the temperature, humidity, irrigation and fertilizing, precisely in the proportions indicated by experienced gardeners.

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