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Sweet peas (or in another way, fragrant) are a spectacular annual or perennial plant, which is a fast-growing vine. Such beauty can be easily grown on any site. During flowering, the peas give off an incredible aroma, filling every corner of the garden with it, and its whimsical flowers of the butterfly form will overshadow any other plant with their colors.

Features of growing plants from seed

Sweet peas: features of growing from seeds

Sweet pea is an ampelous plant that multiplies exclusively with the help of seeds. Currently, there are about 1 thousand varieties of climbing sweet peas, which are combined into 16 groups. Older varieties of plants can reach a height of about 2 m, while recent breeding achievements brought out dwarf species (up to 40 cm).

Sweet pea belongs to the Hedge group, which means that it does not need support. This ampelous plant looks particularly appropriate when designing gazebos, verandas, terraces, pergolas, trellis, fences, and so forth. Curly sweet peas can be safely used for a curtain to hide unsightly places on the site. Low varieties of sweet peas, it is appropriate to use for growing in containers, boxes or pots, as well as for planting along the edges of rabatok and flower beds.

Sweet Pea Seeds

It is necessary to prepare material for cultivation in March-April. The seed shell of the plant is quite hard, so before planting they are soaked in hot water and left for 24 hours. The seeds that came up need to be taken out and thrown out (they are empty and will not sprout). After soaking and selecting suitable kernels for growing sweet peas, they are washed, placed in a moist substrate for germination and removed in a warm dark place. It could be anything - a damp cloth, sand, sawdust, etc. Seeds that can not germinate for a long time can be helped by burning them in several places with a sharp object (a needle, for example).

When the seeds of sweet peas spawn, they are planted in nutritious peat pots, put on a well-lit place and wait for seedlings (usually, they appear after 2-3 weeks). At this time, maintain a temperature not lower than 23 degrees. When the first leaves appear, the seeds of the sweet peas are pinned for further abundant flowering. Before planting in open ground, it is recommended to harden the seedlings. To do this, put pots with sprouts for 1 hour on the balcony, every day, increasing the time of stay.

Sweet peas: growing features

Sweet Peas: Planting and Care

Sweet Peas: Planting and Care

This ampelous plant perfectly tolerates frosts down to -7 degrees. In May, sprouts of sweet peas are planted in open ground on sunny areas along with peat pots for further cultivation. Since the plant prefers lit places, but does not like the heat, choose a place for planting with possible isolation from direct sunlight. The distance between the Senca need to withstand no more than 12 cm.

Sweet pea prefers blind spots with fertile, loose and slightly acidic soil. Many gardeners provide the plant with support when it reaches a height of over 25 cm. For this purpose, special frames with twine are ideally suited, to which curling peas are tied up in several places. As he grows, he himself will twist the skeleton, striving upwards towards the sun. If you have sweet pea dwarf varieties, support him unnecessarily.

For intensive, lush and beautiful flowering, the plant must provide watering every 10 days. During the rains, this gap is increased. With insufficient watering, the pea flowers become small and homely, and in very advanced cases, they wither and die. Curling sweet peas need to make a liquid fertilizer. The first time the plant is fertilized 7 days after planting in an open area, the second dressing is carried out at the beginning of flowering, and the third - during abundant flowering.

In order to ensure a longer flowering of sweet peas, experienced gardeners canalize and remove withered twigs and withered leaves. These small tricks will allow the plant to delight you with its abundant, fragrant and colorful blooms until the middle of autumn.

Sweet pea flower

Sweet peas bouquet

Sweet peas: photos of plants

Sweet peas: photo

Sweet pea is a very beautiful and easy-care plant. It is in great demand, both among experienced gardeners and amateurs. With proper care and planting, the peas will decorate the countryside landscape with their views, delighting you and your guests.