Sweater for a boy with knitting

Mom-needlewoman always pampers her baby with new knitted outfits. By the summer, the baby has funny shorts and T-shirts, but for the winter you can knit a sweater for a boy with knitting needles. With our description and schemes work will go easy and fun.

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Sweater for a boy with knitting

Knitted jumper is a universal thing and very necessary in the wardrobe of every child. You can do the work in different styles and techniques. For example, it is easy to knit a sweater for a 4-year-old boy with knitting needles, decorating it with a braid pattern, and an older jacquard pullover will look very nice on older children.

The work must take into account several subtleties:

  • When choosing a yarn for a sweater, think about the fact that thin threads knit much more slowly. But work with a thick yarn will go faster.
  • In addition, the initial number of loops will depend on the thickness of the yarn, so before work, tie a small sample and calculate its density.
  • Do not blindly follow the instructions: consider the age and size of your child every time you knit a new thing.
  • It is most convenient to knit a sweater on circular needles, but for work with the sleeves it is better to use 3 stocking needles.

That's all the secrets of success, having mastered that you can safely start knitting any sweaters for boys with knitting needles. But first try to tie a warm pullover with us.

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sweater for a boy

Necessary materials:

  • yarn of any color;
  • circular needles;
  • conventional needles 4 and 5 mm;
  • needle;
  • markers.

Process description:

  1. Knitting sweaters for a boy aged 3 years will be done from the top down. To do this, we use 74 loops on thin stocking spokes, put a marker at the beginning of the row and knit a 1 in 1 elastic in a circle. Having reached the last eyelet, we fasten the row, knitting two stitches together.
  2. We continue to work until the width of the collar reaches the desired size. For children, the craftsmen recommend knitting a collar with a size of 2.5-3 centimeters.collar pattern
  3. The next step we will need to make increases. Take the total number of loops and divide them by the amount of the increments. For our size you need to tie 8 additional loops.
  4. We make calculations loops, for which it will be necessary to insert an increase. For this, the initial value of 74 stitches is divided by the number of increments and we end up with 9 loops. They will need to be knit in the usual way, and then make 4 additional loops in 1 stitch. Total get 82 working loop.
  5. We proceed to the placement of markers. We put one at the beginning of the row, then we knit 13 purl loops to decorate the sleeves and fix everything with a different marker. This will be one sleeve. After 26 face loops, repeat the placement of markers for the second sleeve.sleeve
  6. The coquette of the sweater is created by knitting the same stitch in front of the front face marker with the loop for the front and back wall with repetition 4 times. Schematically, it should look like this.yoke
  7. After this, it is necessary to designate a scarf panel. We do it this way: we knit the edge loop on the front of the front and back wall, then do 13 stitches with the wrong side. After this, we again perform an increase for both walls and continue with facial loops until the next marker.
  8. This way you need to knit 7 rows, and then continue to work without increments, adhering to the garter knitting. For a boy of 3 years, 15–18 cm of work will suffice. As a result, knitting should look like this.knitting
  9. Now you need to separate the body of the sweater from the sleeves and tie each part separately. You will need to remove the sleeve loops on the spinning thread in a contrasting color, collect the underarm loops and attach them to the front and back of the product.

    separation of sleeves and body
  10. So, remove the loop of the sleeves on the thread from the backrest marker to 1 raglan marker. Then, using the inverse method, we collect 6 eyelets on the armpit needles and knit 2 rows in a circle.
  11. After such actions, you will get sleeves on a waste thread and a body with open loops.neck
  12. Then the work will go much easier: you need to knit so many rows with face loops so that you end up with the desired length minus 2.5-3 cm on the gum.sweater body
  13. After reaching the gum, go to the smaller spokes and continue to work viscous 1 on 1 as well as on the neck of the product.sweater
  14. Now go to work with the sleeves. To do this, free loops from the waste thread must be rehoed on the spokes.sleeve
  15. If you use socks, then place the loops in the following way: on the first one - stitches from the marker to the kerchief, on the second - the garter stitch, and on the third - the remaining stitches.sleeve
  16. We continue knitting loops according to the same pattern, and make stitches on the working needles with facial stitches, but at the beginning and end of the row we need to seize each loop from the armpit. In the end, it should turn out like this.sleeve
  17. We knit in a pattern in a circle until the sleeve is about 20 cm in length, but do not forget to begin to make reductions from the armpits.
  18. We work with decreasing in the following way: we knit an edge loop, then 2 facial knit together with 3 loops in front of the marker and make a decrease with a slope to the left.work with sleeves
  19. The second sleeve fits in a similar way. And in order not to get confused in the number of rows, write out on a separate sheet, how many you made them for decreasing, knit after the decrease, the number of stitches with garter stitch.
  20. Finish work on the sweater by closing all the loops, cutting off the tips and carefully disguising the extra holes in the armpits with a needle with a thread.

size table

Similarly, you can knit a knitted sweater for a boy of 5 years or any other age. And the required number of loops, increments and sizes can be easily calculated from the table.

The size



Edge to armpit


Number of loops


0-6 months














1-2 years



































Knitted children's sweater is not a luxury, but a necessary piece of clothing. It is perfect for kindergarten and warm in a cool autumn. Pamper your favorite baby with new clothes made with your own hands. Creative success!

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