Summer blouses

It is still unknown when knitting was invented, but the fact that today it is one of the most relevant types of needlework, no doubt. After all, with the help of knitting needles you can knit anything from socks to outerwear. In addition, things made with their own hands, are particularly unique and practical.

A bit of knitting history

Until our time, it has not been precisely established how and when knitting on knitting needles was invented. Although there is no exact written evidence, many researchers agree that hand knitting was invented when people, playing with loops of threads, suddenly realized that it was possible to get a durable canvas from them, you just need to stretch the thread through the loop. At the very beginning of its development, knitting, as indeed, most other crafts, was an occupation exclusively for men. It is believed that the cradle of knitting was the Mediterranean, and only then seafarers spread this type of needlework throughout Europe.

With the help of knitting needles and threads you can create a variety of things. But today we will talk about summer blouses, knitted from cotton.

How to knit summer blouses?

Light summer blouse can be just a godsend for you, especially if you successfully combine it with a skirt or pants. After all, knitwear makes any clothes more attractive and comfortable: be it holiday models that are especially relevant in the height of summer, or clothing for the city. In addition, it is a constant attribute of any woman’s wardrobe. An openwork top with jeans, a striped tunic with leggings, or a light blouse in combination with a skirt — such ensembles create a mood and are characterized by spectacular patterns. Great selection of models to look stunning!

The choice of materials for knitting

Choosing a yarn for knitting summer things, it is best to opt for cotton, since this material has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • it is environmentally friendly, that is, when growing cotton, different chemicals are not used;
  • cotton does not trap air and the skin "breathes", which is important in the summer season;
  • This yarn comes in a wide variety of shades, since cotton fibers are well dyed.

cotton yarn

However, cotton yarn has its drawbacks:

  • cotton products are easy to stretch and lose their shape, so you need to wash very carefully;
  • sometimes when painting the paint falls unevenly, and when washing the thing may fade, therefore during the first rinse it is better to add a spoonful of vinegar to the water.

Summer openwork cotton blouse: a description of the pattern of knitting pattern

Pattern "Grid"

Pattern "Grid" is well suited for knitting summer things. This mating is used in the manufacture of scarves and summer blouses. The number of loops is a multiple of four, plus two for symmetry and two for the edge.

Pattern & quot; Grid & quot;

Required materials and tools:

  • yarn (pure cotton or with the addition of acrylic);
  • straight needles number 6.

The sequence of work:

  1. We collect 26 loops. We knit all the paired rows with reversing loops, and double the double crochet of the previous row with one reversing and one face loops.
  2. First row: first one face loop, two together at the top; then we repeat: double double over, 2 with a double over, two front together for the upper parts. At the end of the row of caps, one front loop.
  3. The third row: first one face loop, nakid; then we repeat: two together with a flip, two together for the upper parts, a double cap. At the end of a row, two together perekidy and one front loop.
  4. From the fifth row, we repeat the pattern starting from the 1st row.

Pattern "Sea foam"

This pattern is often knit light ponchos and tunics. Also the tunic connected by a fancy openwork pattern called "Sea foam" will look perfect. The result is an airy and light thing, which is unlikely to remain unnoticed by others.

Pattern & quot; Sea foam & quot;

The sequence of work:

  1. First, you need to dial the loop, the total number of which is divided into six plus another 1 loop and 2 edge loops.
  2. Further 1 - 6 rows are knitted with facial loops of the row.
  3. The third and seventh rows should be made facial with 3 turns. Similar loops are performed as follows: they enter the right knitting needle into the loop, then wind three turns of the working thread and pull the thread through the loop.
  4. We knit the fourth row in the following order: one inversion, then out of five loops five new ones (knit together five times - five loops). Make the last loop inversion.
  5. We knit the 8th row like this: we knit the first three loops three times (3 loops out of three). Then comes the scheme: one loop is inverted, five loops with five facial loops. At the end of the row we knit three loops with facial and one inversion.

Summer stylish jacket

In summer there are cool days, so a light pullover with an openwork pattern will come in handy (you can use any pattern you like).

Required materials and tools:

  • cotton thread - 500 g (for size 36/38);
  • needles number 12.

Mating density: 7 loops and 12 rows = 10x10cm.

The sequence of work:

  1. We collect 30 loops and we knit the main pattern with 34 loops, starting with 1 purl row.
  2. Knit 50 cm and close all the loops.
  3. In the same way we knit and before the product.
  4. For the sleeve, we collect 18 loops and then knit the main pattern, starting with 1 purl row. We add on both sides for bevels through 18 rows of 1x1 loops, then in each 6th row of 6x1 loops = 32 loops. Approximately from the start of knitting after half a meter we close all the loops.
  5. We carry out the assembly of the product.

Products from white cotton threads will look good. After all, white is the color of summer, which never goes out of fashion. And in the openwork version, it looks especially good. What is needed for success? The answer is simple: an interesting openwork pattern, a refreshing white color and a comfortable silhouette!

Summing up, we can say that any wardrobe item made by hand will look great if you choose the right pattern (and they are all interesting in their own way). You just need to show some patience, spend some time, and then you can easily knit wonderful things and please them not only yourself, but also your relatives. In addition, a beautiful knitted thing on store shelves today is very expensive, so knitting is not only pleasant, but also quite profitable.

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