Summer all year

Fresh greens add a touch of summer to any meal and improve your mood. In the cold season, many housewives grow dill right on the windowsill in the apartment. At first glance, growing greens on a windowsill is a snap: sowed, watered - and ready. However, like any plant, dill has its own characteristics. There are secrets of agrotechnology, which will allow to have a magnificent dill harvest all year round.

The benefits of dill

The benefits of dill

Dill contains many vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body. In cooking and medicine, it has been used for a very long time. Dill is useful for digestion, it helps with insomnia, menstrual disorders, respiratory and other diseases, and also refreshes the oral cavity. The plant is quite unpretentious, it is easy to grow greens on the windowsill. In addition, children love this kind of home gardening.

So, growing dill from seeds is not too troublesome, but in the autumn-winter period it will require energy costs. It is worth remembering that after cutting the leaves and stems of this spicy grass do not grow back. Therefore, in order to have fresh greens in your house constantly, you can sow the seeds every three weeks in the vacated areas of the garden on the windowsill.

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