Strong hawthorn walls

Hawthorn can be attributed to shrubs, and can be to small trees. This is a thorny plant. Its flowers have a white tint and make up their five petals. The smell of hawthorn flowers is not too pronounced. During the fruiting period, hawthorn will provide you with ready-made sweetish fruit with a stone.

Strong hawthorn walls

Hawthorn feels great on the flattering and steppe areas of the area and is widely distributed in Siberia, the Urals, the Caucasus.

The plant has a lot of wild species - up to two hundred, as well as about fifty such species groups that are actively used in our country for cultivation.

It is worth noting a high degree of similarity of different types of hawthorn bushes among themselves. Even learned biologists are not always able to determine exactly what species a particular plant belongs to. Therefore, you can see the information and that the hawthorn species groups are much larger.

The life expectancy of hawthorn is fifty years, if we take the average parameters, and some specimens live up to four hundred years. So, for example, in England there are plants that make up the composition of hedges and feel not bad already for three hundred years of age.

The name itself - "hawthorn" has Latin roots and is translated as "strong, strong." In its inflorescences and color characteristics of the petals, the plant is similar to an apple tree. However, in nature there are such types of hawthorn, which are distinguished by pink flowers.

Strong hawthorn walls

Hawthorn application

In addition to the active use of hawthorn fruit, these plants are widely used in landscape design. To build a hedge of hawthorn bushes, it should be planted so that the distance between the bushes in a row reaches fifty centimeters, if you plant only one row, and if as many as two, then the gap increases to seventy centimeters.

The hawthorn hedges, which are attached to the trellis, look very good. How can you ask? Yes, very simple. Several, for example, wooden planks are taken and fixed at some distance from the surface of the earth. From the shoots that have developed from dormant buds after pruning, several of the strongest healthy shoots are selected and are located between the trellis slats. The remaining branches in late June will have to be cut. It will take one year and those branches that we located in the trellis, already much grown up, of course, we will let in the opposite direction at an angle of forty-five degrees. All the other branches that grew next to our main branches are also intertwined, directing them to grow in opposite directions. Where the branches are in contact with each other, the bark should be cut off, tightly press the branches to each other in the places of cutting and fix with improvised material. It can be ribbons or polyethylene. All this beauty provide fixation at the level of the lower beam (trellis). All branches that will go abroad in twenty-five centimeters, cut off.

Strong hawthorn walls

Each year, repeat the procedure, moving to higher perches.

Planting hawthorn in the ground

Planting young bushes should be each in advance prepared for him hole.

The hawthorn root leaves in the process of its growth at a sufficiently impressive depth; it is best to plant young bushes that are no more than three to five years old.

After about two seasons after planting a young plant in the ground will need to cut it. Cut off all the twigs that are located at a distance of ten centimeters above the ground. This procedure is sure to wake up sleeping buds soon.

It is possible to plant hawthorn not only with a bush, but also with seeds, a piece of the root system, a cutting and with the help of grafting to another plant.

To the soils hawthorn is not too picky. A well-developed root system gives it chances to survive in almost any conditions.

Strong hawthorn walls

Hawthorn, grown out of a stone, will give you fruits earlier than the one with a cutting.

And so, if you suddenly decided to plant a hawthorn not as a young shrub, but as a fruit with a stone, then green fruit is best suited for this purpose. It should be omitted for a while in a solution of potassium nitrate. Then dry well and store in a dark, cold place until planting season - until spring.

Make indentations at a distance of sixty centimeters from each other, which will go throughout the row. Plant the fruits ready for planting, sprinkle them with earth and pour them. Ensure that the earth does not dry out. Thirty days you will enjoy the first shoots.

A couple of years, spend the first haircut. In general, wild rose bushes require regular haircuts every year. It is best to control its growth and not allow it to grow more than three meters in height. And the very first haircut can be carried out in such a way that there are only six branches left. Then you will get a magnificent little tree in the future.

It is not at all necessary to cover hawthorn bushes for the winter, as he is not afraid of frosts.

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