Exotic plants are increasingly winning love from those who want to bring something new to their own interior. But, unfortunately, most of them do not suffer unpretentiousness. Each flower requires special attention and careful maintenance. This also applies to shooting, which has many features of the content.

Strelitzia Bird of Paradise: Care Features

One of the most common and attractive plant species is Strelsion bird of paradise, so named because of its appearance. Its fancy flowers are somewhat reminiscent of a long beak and a delightful bright tuft of golden-orange color. The plant is compared with the fabulous heat-bird, then with the phoenix. Despite the fact that flowering happens only once a year, the demand for royal strelitzia does not subside.

The homeland of such an interesting flower is South Africa. Accordingly, the climate to which the plant has become accustomed is not very similar to the conditions in the middle zone. It is for this reason that caring for strelitzia at home is becoming quite problematic. But those compositions that are created on the basis of this flower are worth any torment with it.

Strelitzia: home care and seed growing

With its thick and glossy leaves, Strelitzia resembles a banana, which is a distant relative. They are rounded, rather large and have a long petiole. Located in the form of a fan. Their color, like most indoor plants of this type, does not change depending on the time of year. At the same time, it can react to external factors.

The inflorescences of the royal Strelitzia come out of the stem, which has a considerable thickness and height of 1.5 m. In contrast to many other colors, they always grow horizontally upwards. The height of the plant itself is capable of reaching 4 m. This makes it a permanent “inhabitant” of the floor: neither on the window sill, nor on any other elevation in the presence of low ceilings can it be placed.

Color perianth usually varies within 3 shades: red, purple and green. The flower itself is formed by sepals in the amount of 3 pieces, directed vertically, and petals having a bright shade of blue. Because of this mysterious look, royal strelitzia is often added to tropical bouquets.

Strelitzia royal: growing from seed

The breeding of strelice a bird of paradise and other species of it is troublesome. For this reason, it is rarely someone tries to grow on their own, preferring to acquire an already adult plant. Due to the fact that Strelzia has no side shoots and is deprived of the main stem, the issue of cutting off the branches becomes insoluble. And because the only way out - growing royal strelitzia from seeds obtained through the elimination of children.

The main problem - the lateral processes are separated only in adult plants, and, by no means always. The acquisition of seeds can be almost the main way to solve it, but this does not end the complexity.

They should not be allowed to lie down. Any delay significantly reduces the chances that the flower will take root. Therefore, only fresh seeds are suitable for planting. Stretching the waiting period to six months can practically negate the germination.

Until planting seeds require pre-treatment. Warm water is poured into a small container, the temperature of which is in the range of 35 to 40 ° C. Seeds are laid in it and left for 24 hours before swelling. Next, you need to prepare the soil and pots.

It is recommended to choose small plastic disposable cups as the first container for seedlings, in the bottom of which holes are created with a drill with a small diameter. The soil is created from the following components: peat, earth, sand and compost. The mixture is spilled with freshly boiled water. She needs to be allowed to cool.

The next stage is the distribution of seeds in cups. The grain is pressed into the soil, and the top must be covered with a sheet of glass. This method allows you to interrupt any contact with the external environment, to prevent the flow of air and reduce the risk of the formation of fungal spores on the plant.

Capacities with seedlings must be identified in a bright and warm place. At the same time, they cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise shoots may die. In the next six months, touch cups should not be. But when the first sprout or leaf appears, it is necessary to transfer to a larger container.

It is very important to monitor the safety of the root system, which is distinguished by its fragility. The slightest damage to it will lead to the death of the plant, and at best, its growth will slow down significantly. To transfer the flower is recommended not immediately to the big tub, but gradually changing its size. According to experienced flower growers, this is done every spring. After 2-3 years, the plant should be moved to a large pot, 1/4 of which will take drainage. This is where shooting will grow over the next few years.

As for the expectation of the first flowering, about 5 years usually elapse before it. The plant gains maximum strength closer to 8 years and maintains a similar state for the next 7-10 years. But for this he needs to provide competent and thorough care.

From the moment of the first transplantation of strelitzia, the soil must be carefully moistened in the spring-summer period, slowing down only for the winter. But excess moisture should also not be tolerated. This can lead to decay of the root system. As for feeding, it is carried out at least 2 p. per month in the warm season and 1 p. per month - in the cold. Use for this purpose fertilizers and peat, which dissolve in warm water. Watering cold is strictly prohibited.

Strelitzia flowers: photos

Strelitzia: home care and seed growing

An adult plant requires no less care than a young one. Of course, to create a South Africa at home is unlikely to succeed, so it will be enough to do with the constant maintenance of the ambient temperature at 18-20 ° C. At the same time in the warm season it is worthwhile to move the plant to the balcony, but when the street temperature drops to 10-12 ° C, it is necessary to bring it back into the house. Do not lower the bar. This is fraught with the death of the flower.

The air must be humid, which is achieved by using a humidifier and a constant spraying of the leaves. In winter, the latter should be exercised no more than 1 p. in 30 days. But watering requires constant, but without falling into extremes. There should be no stagnation of water or drying out of the soil.

Pay special attention to lighting. As already mentioned, strelcium will not tolerate direct sunlight, but she loves the light very much. It is necessary to place the tub so that the plant received scattered rays, especially from the east. In this case, the sun will illuminate it only during the period of sunrise, when it is not particularly strong. This technique is the main stimulation of flowering.

Speaking of problems with flowering and other negative aspects that can happen in the life of an amateur grower. Various preparations of the "Tsvetnya" type, etc. can positively affect the ovary of flowers. You can arrange Strelitz period of rest in the autumn or spring season. The container with the plant is exposed to the balcony, if the air temperature is kept within the limits of 10-14 ° C. A sufficient amount of sunlight will do the trick.

Another misfortune that occasionally overtakes the owners of Strelitzia is the falling off or drying of its foliage. In this case, you need to adjust the mode of watering, the imbalance of which leads to rotting of the leaves, and to their drying. In addition, the plant is capable of attacking a spider mite.

With knowledge of the key rules for the care of Strelitzia at home, it will not be difficult to maintain the healthy appearance of this beautiful exotic plant. And for the efforts made, it will thank you with delightful colors, decorating the interior and bringing a note of refinement to it. The main thing to establish the correct watering and lighting.

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