Strawberry care in the spring

Strawberries are not only tasty, but also healthy berries..This is a perennial herb. In our latitudes, strawberries have long been grown in garden-dacha plots. Especially love her feast children and women.

Eat fresh strawberries. Jam, compotes, jams are brewed from its berries, added to bakery fillings and fruit salads. Strawberries are rich in many vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. It contains a lot of vitamin C and folic acid. Fragrant attractive berry is included in the diet of patients with diabetes, anemia.

How to grow strawberries?

Strawberry care in the spring

  • Grow strawberries on any site. but the best place for it is the south-western expositions. By planting strawberries there, you will achieve the speedy ripening of the berries.
  • Any gardener-gardener wants to get a good harvest of strawberries. But for this you should work hard. Remember that grow strawberries in one place for 3 years or more. It is also not recommended to plant it in the area where tomatoes and potatoes were grown before. The soil after these crops is so depleted that strawberries are not out of place. The best predecessors of strawberries will be cereals.
  • From a scientific point of view, it is wrong to call strawberries in the usual sense of strawberries. What is grown in our garden-dacha plots is nothing but garden strawberries. But people are such that having become accustomed to calling a berry this way and not otherwise, it is difficult for them to relearn. This article will not be an exception: strawberry will be understood as strawberry.

How to grow strawberries?

Strawberry care after winter

Strawberry - perennial plant, reaching a height of about 30 cm. The stem is erect, with small soft hairs. Leaves collected in three. The flowers are white, collected in inflorescences. Fruits are not a berry that we eat, but small blotches in a berry (from the point of view of science). This is what we used to call seeds. Strawberry berries are very fragrant and tasty.

For for the strawberry harvest to please you, you need to properly care for her.. Care begins with the first snow melt. After winter, gardening work is resumed.

If you have never grown this berry before, then start with a landing. To do this, choose the elite seedlings, and even better, take the seedlings from the summer cottage of friends, if it is worth it. After all, having bought seedlings on the market, you will not be able to recognize its taste qualities until it grows. And from a neighbor or friend you can ask for seedlings and feel free to get tasty strawberries next year (with the right care!).

Strawberry care after winterStrawberry care after winter

After selecting the seedlings, you must select the land for planting berries.Strawberries grow well on light, well-fertilized soils.. In no case do not plant the berry on the marshy, clay, acidic or limestone soils, where it not only will not yield, but also will die!

It is also important that the place chosen for planting strawberries is protected from the winds. This is the southwest side of your site! Corn and sunflower will serve as excellent neighbors from the winds. Do not plant strawberries next to potatoes pepper, Tomatoes. Strawberries like sunny, well-lit places. Do not grow it on the slopes!

Strawberries must be planted in early spring (April) or summer (August).The best landing period is the end of July - the beginning of August. Do not plant the berry often! After all, the strawberry bush for a normal development and abundant yield requires a good amount of light, moisture and minerals. No need to create bushes plants competition for these conditions.

Spring care for strawberries

Spring care for strawberries

Now that the strawberries have been planted, begin to follow the rules of spring care for it. The stage of planting strawberries, choosing a place for it can be missed by those who have already planted the berry and are growing in one place for no more than 3 years! If the life of the land for strawberries has expired, transplant it to another place.

Planted (or transplanted) strawberries must be properly maintained. The main thing in the spring care for strawberries - is the observance of the soil moisture regime.Water the strawberries abundantly. But do not fill it! You can water the berries every day during the absence of rain and, especially in hot weather. At least strawberries are watered 2 times a week. During flowering, watering is stopped or reduced.

During the growing season, strawberries should be fed organic fertilizer, best of all with manure.

Spring care for strawberries

Strawberry is a very tasty and healthy berry. Currently, about 2.5 thousand varieties of strawberries are known. Therefore, you can always choose the most profitable variety for growing. As a rule, the largest number of strawberry varieties are early varieties. They are adapted to our changing climatic conditions.

It is important not only to choose the desired variety of berries, determine the right place for planting (or transplanting), but also provide the proper spring strawberry care. After all, all plants, and strawberries in particular (because it is an early species), start to grow and develop immediately after the winter. Proper care of a tasty and healthy berry is sure to reward you with high yields.

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