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Stop cystitis for cats

Cats are common pets. The cat becomes a member of the family, the owners take care of him and worry if he is sick. Meanwhile, cats and cats are subject to many "human" diseases. Among others, diseases of the genitourinary system are quite common. Inflammation of the bladder gives a lot of discomfort and pain to the pet, not a single cat is immune from this. In addition to those that the owners even for the prevention give the drug "Stop cystitis for cats."

Stop cystitis: cat does not threaten the disease

Stop cystitis: cat does not threaten the disease

Since an integrated approach is important in the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the urinary organs, a qualified veterinarian prescribes a drug that can solve several problems at once, that is, acting comprehensively. These drugs include “Stop Cystitis for Cats”, the price of which will not scare cat owners, but will make the purchase more profitable than the purchase of a whole arsenal of narrow-acting drugs.

Stop cystitis for cats has an anti-inflammatory effect, has antibacterial and diuretic effect. Due to the antispasmodic effect, the medicine relieves pain, contributes to the removal of infection from the cat's body. Instructions to stop cystitis for cats recommends that this drug is prescribed not only for inflammation of the bladder membrane, but also for inflammation in the kidneys, stones in the kidneys and bladder, as well as for inflammation of the urinary tubules and urethra. In addition, experts recommend giving stop cystitis to healthy animals to prevent the occurrence of such health problems.

For the convenience of owners and four-legged pets, the drug is available in 2 types: solid and liquid.

Liquid form

In finished form, the drug is a viscous fine mixture

Suspension is sold in bottles, dosages of 30 and 50 ml. In the finished form, the drug is a viscous fine mixture with a pronounced aroma. When storing, a precipitate that is readily soluble during agitation may fall out. The package also contains a measuring cup and a syringe, with the help of which the required amount of the drug is measured without problems.

Solid form

Option 2 - 200 mg tablets. They are packaged in jars of 15 pcs. in each. They are additionally packed in cartons.

Each package must necessarily contain all the necessary information: the name of the drug, dosage, date of manufacture, expiration date, information about the manufacturer. Each package must necessarily contain an instruction in which the properties of the drug, doses, indications, contraindications, side effects are described in detail.

The composition of the drug and dose

The preparation includes medicinal plants and synthetic compounds. The latter are excreted by the body through the kidneys. The drug has a uroseptic and antispasmodic effect.

The average dose of the suspension for cats up to 5 kg of weight - 2 ml twice a day; over 5 kg - 3 ml twice a day;

In solid feline form, which weigh less than 5 kg - 1 tablet 2 times a day, more than 5 kg - 2 tablets 2 times a day.

The exact dosage is calculated by the veterinarian, it depends on the weight and age of the animal. In addition, often stop cystitis is prescribed in combination therapy with other drugs, so a specialist should speak about the daily and single dose. Do not self-medicate, the consequences can be the most deplorable.

Reviews breeders

Numerous discussions on thematic Internet forums confirm both the popularity of the drug and its effectiveness.

Stop cystitis for cats, reviews of which indicate a rapid relief of pain and relief of the animal’s condition already on the first day of administration, is a mild, but effective means.

Olga, the mistress of a Persian cat breed:

"After the first mating, the cat began to be anxious, nervous, he noticed symptoms of cystitis. Tried another medicine, the cat suffered, symptoms increased. Stop cystitis for cats relieved pain on the first day of administration. Gradually the condition improved, the cat was healthy. The treatment was complex, the dosage appointed by the doctor at the veterinary clinic "

Nikolay, the master of the Canadian Sphynx:

“Our cat was diagnosed with cystitis (there was blood in the urine, severe cramping pain). The doctor prescribed furagin, but he caused persistent vomiting. The clinic said that this drug can accumulate in the cat's body and give such a side effect. Furagin was replaced with Stop cystitis for cats and our pet is healthy. "

Timely diagnosis greatly contributes to successful treatment. Do not self-medicate, even when it comes to animals. For most of the owners, their pets are full members of the family, therefore, having noticed something wrong with the cat's behavior, hurry with him to the specialist. Stop cystitis for cats will help to put a four-legged friend on his feet and give him back the joy of life. Take care of your pets!

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