Stephanotis - exquisite flowering houseplant. Very often it can be found among other beautiful flowers of the bride's bouquet.

Stefanotis is perfect for growing in ambient conditions. Stephanotis is famous for its abundant flowering.

Appearance of stephanotis

Stephanotis - rather high indoor plant. The length of its shoots can reach 2, 5 m. Stalks climbing strong, but they must be tied to a support.

The leaves of the plant are shiny, regular oval, up to 10 cm in diameter.

Appearance of stephanotis

The flowers are miniature, up to 2.5 cm in diameter, fragrant, tubular, five-petal. White colour.

Types of stephanotis

In room culture known one type of stephanotis - Stephanotis blooming. His shoots are usually allowed in hoops. So it is more attractive for buyers. At home, he can be given any shape, with the help of the formation of climbing stems.

Stefanotis blooms blooming in the warm season, most often in summer.

Location in the house of Stephanotis

Stephanotis - a thermophilic plant. Therefore, warm rooms of the house are suitable for him: living room, kitchen, nursery, warm bedroom.

From the windows, choose Eastern and Western. In the summer in the heat on the southern windowsills be sure to shade stephanotis.

Stephanotis at home

Stephanotis care at home

Difficulties in the care of stephanotis is not. The only thing that can depress his life is the scale and mealy mite, which infest only if the basic recommendations for plant care are not followed.

  • Lighting bright sunlight in the summer - scattered.
  • Temperature moderate, in winter not lower than 15 ° С.
  • Air humidity moderate. Occasionally, leaves should be sprayed.
  • Watering plentiful, moderate in winter.
  • Breeds Stephanotis summer stem cuttings. It is imperative to use phytohormones and bottom heating for rooting.
  • Transplanted plant every two years in spring.

Stephanotis in the bride's bouquet

Stephanostis - unpretentious plant, easy to care at home. It is very beautiful decorative blooms. For beginners this is a great gift.

In addition, flowering stephanotis will remind you of the best day of your life or make you dream in anticipation of a wedding.

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