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Step-by-step crochet patterns for beginners

Knitting is a special kind of needlework that, among other things, has a therapeutic effect. Not without reason, psychologists advise people who are prone to depressive states to master this activity. If you are just familiar with the peculiarities of skillful interweaving of threads, then it is better to choose simpler crochet schemes for beginners.

Where to begin?

Crochet hook

Surprisingly, originally, crocheting was considered exclusively a male occupation. However, ladies gradually seized the initiative, and by the nineteenth century such a pastime became familiar to women of all ages. This is explained by the fact that even a child can master such a knitting tool as a hook. Crochet patterns for beginners in very accessible language explain the procedure and call the necessary equipment. At the last stop in more detail. Knitting tools can be:

  • different lengths (the longer the hook, the more openwork the drawings are obtained);
  • different thickness (from 0.5 to 1.5 cm).

So, it is very important to choose the right hook number: the thickness of its head should match the thickness of the thread. Also, be sure to choose the right yarn. For napkins, laces or capes, the threads are light and thin, and for decorative items such as flowers, ribbons, it is better to take thick ones.

Armed with threads and crochet, you can create a lot of interesting and unique gizmos:

  • decorations (flowers, ribbons, beads);
  • clothes;
  • decorative elements (toys, napkins, panels);
  • accessories (bags, wallets, covers for gadgets).

Crochet patterns for beginners with a description

Crochet patterns

There is a certain order in which beginners learn to crochet. First, it concerns the terminology. The following concepts are used in the diagrams:

  • column (loops fit one of one);
  • air loop (knitted by pulling the working thread through the last loop on the hook);
  • semi-column (the loop is made from the worker and the next one, which are knitted together);
  • double crochet, crotch (the loop draped from the working thread is added to the loop on the hook);
  • a column with several nakida (to the loop are added several draped loops from the working thread).

Products with which it is better to begin the development of the intricacies of knitting with a device are:

  • napkins;
  • color models;
  • toys or other more labor-intensive works.

Learning to knit napkins

Napkins - the most convenient product for the beginner. On the one hand, it is quite large, so it is easy to disassemble the scheme, but on the other - not too voluminous, which means that the results of labor can be seen quite quickly.

Crochet Crochet Napkin


  • hook number 0.5;
  • thread number 10.


  1. Make 6 loops of air and connect them into a ringlet.
  2. Next, we knock down 3 more such loops and form 11 columns.
  3. We finish 1 row with an air loop.
  4. We repeat 3 air loops again.
  5. We knit 1 column through the air loop of the previous row.
  6. We make 1 air loop and in it we knit 2 columns with 1 double crochet.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until the end of the row.
  8. Make a column for the connection, 3 air loops.
  9. Repeat steps 5-7.
  10. We knit on the scheme of 5-9 steps.
  11. We form 3 air loops and turn to 4 block stitch.
  12. We make an air chain of 5 loops.
  13. We tie 1 collarless stitch through the eyelet of the previous row.
  14. Again knit 5 loops of the chain.
  15. Now we form 1 beskazidny column between the two previous columns.
  16. Repeat steps 11-16 until the end of knitting.

Beautiful crocheted flowers

Exquisite knitted flowers will be appropriate in clothing, and as a highlight of the interior. And even inexperienced needlewomen can “grow” them from threads.

Crochet patterns of flowers


  • hook number 0.7;
  • acrylic yarn;
  • bead for the middle of the flower.


  1. From the working thread on the finger we make a ring.
  2. Remove the ring, twist the working edge of the thread and knit 3 loops with a chain.
  3. We close the loop for the ring - it turns out a kind of arch.
  4. Knit another 5 arches.
  5. Tighten the ring with the help of the remaining tail of the thread.
  6. All the arches are expanding with 1 sleeveless column, 5 cover columns, 1 more column without cover.
  7. Now each petal is tied up with tie-free posts.
  8. In the middle we sew a bead.

If you want, you can make a multi-layered flower according to the same scheme. To do this, tie a few more blanks, increasing the number of arches, and combine all the details with a bead.

Flowers with pointed petals look very original. Step-by-step crochet scheme for beginners of such plants is very simple.

Flower knitted


  • hook number 0.7;
  • acrylic yarn.


  1. We make 5 air loops and form a ring of them.
  2. Tie the ring with stitches.
  3. We tie 12 air loops and fasten the ring on the post next door.
  4. The resulting ring is obliged to be by the free columns.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for 3 petals.
  6. The inside of the petals is filled with double crochets.
  7. In the end, the whole flower should be tied with a strap-free posts.

How to knit toys: master classes

Knitting toys has recently become very popular. Both adults and children are keen on this hobby. If you are just starting to understand knitting funny animals, it is better to choose round figures. Let us analyze the scheme of work on the ladybug.

Crochet ladybug


  • hook number 0.5;
  • thin acrylic yarn of different colors;
  • needle;
  • a small piece of padding polyester.


  1. We make a chain of 6 air loops, closing it in a circle.
  2. Now in each circle row add 2 loops to one base.
  3. We knit a circle of the desired size bugs and make the last row with contrasting yarn. This is the bottom of the toy.
  4. For the top, repeat steps 1-3 and knit another 5 rows without additions, so that the workpiece starts to round out.
  5. We connect the bottom and the top with a connecting bar, we fill it with padding polyester.
  6. Thread embroidered eyes and mouth.

For complicating the crochet technique of knitting, we offer a penguin scheme. It is also made of round parts, but they are complemented by elements that need to be knitted separately.

Crochet penguin


  • hook number 0.5:
  • acrylic yarn in black, white and brown;
  • a piece of padding polyester;
  • 2 small black buttons.


  1. From white yarn do a vicious circle of air loops.
  2. In each row, add 2 loops through time.
  3. We make the desired diameter and stop adding.
  4. We form the same blank of black thread.
  5. We fold the hemispheres to obtain a circle and sew them, stuffed with padding polyester.
  6. We tie small circles for the eyes and sew them together with buttons to the black half.
  7. On the sides we tie up the wings.
  8. From the brown yarn we make 3 ovals, stuff them and sew them as nose, legs. The toy is ready.

Crochet patterns for beginners make it easy to create wonderful, original things. You can find the use of such works of art as diverse as possible. The main thing is to follow the instructions carefully and find the right hook. Then the pleasure from the end result will be the same as from the knitting process itself.

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