Steam mop

Now more and more information and reviews appear on the Internet about such an amazing tool as Steam Mop. Manufacturers of this tool promise that its use will greatly facilitate the cleaning of the house, will not only remove garbage, dust and dirt, but also disinfect the room and keep for a long time clean and tidy.

Is it really possible to find out only from those who have already purchased a steam mop. Especially now there are a large number of types of these products, and you can choose the type of steam mop, which should not disappoint.

Steam Mop

Mop steam h2o mop: reviews

  • Lyudmila: “I finally got this long-awaited toy - a steam mop. I couldn’t get out on the weekend. But after a few days I decided to try it. What can I say about it, this a mop does not simplify cleaning the room, but rather complicates it. Steam mop is heavy, but rather manoeuvrable. She also does not collect garbage, but simply washes the floors. Therefore, before cleaning, you must first sweep and vacuum, and after having washed the floors with a steam mop, collect garbage at the exit of the room. Also h2o mop steam mop leaves wet marks. The advantages include the fact that it perfectly washes, humidifies the air, the bathroom is very convenient to clean with the function of the steam generator, as well as steaming carpets. "
  • Faith: "2-3 moped microfibre nozzles are provided for the mop, which are well absorbed and conveniently washable, as well as a steam generator with a nozzle that provides neat cleaning. I want to say that if you have any problems with finances, a small apartment, then it is best to wash the apartment with just hot water in gloves. If you can afford rather expensive equipment, you want to take care of the health of loved ones and do not want to use cleaning products when cleaning, worth buying a steam mop. If there are any complaints about the goods received, you can return it according to the warranty service. But I have not yet decided to return, h2o mop steam mop I really liked".
  • Valentina: "H2o mop steam mop I cleaned the apartment already 2 times. The second time it was much easier to manage. Spouse appreciated smell after cleaning. Very convenient to clean the toilet. I am very pleased, so I advise everyone. I can immediately answer the possible question of whether I often change a rag and whether traces remain. I can say that I change the cloth in the middle of the apartment. If you vacuum badly, you have to collect dust and dirt with a rag. But it's not hard at all, so don't worry. "

Steam mop: reviews

Steam mop x5: reviews

  • Victoria: "Do not buy a steam mop x5. All its capabilities are unnecessarily exaggerated. After the purchase, it broke down for the 4th time, just stopped switching on. I phoned with the company, they promised to replace everything. The main thing is that I did everything as written in the instructions. The replacement turned out to be a long story. The part was replaced, but it didn’t fit exactly to my mop, the water leaks when used. The new set that was brought turned out to be used and with broken parts. So I had to call and ask for a refund. this i decided more with u oh mop not communicate. "
  • Helena: "I bought myself a steam mop x5, but she was not happy for long, after 5 cleanings she broke down, and what to do with her now, I don’t even know. "
  • Sergey: "My pump broke in the steam mop, so the conclusion was that the steam mop x5 is a complete waste of money."

H2o x5 steam mop: reviews

  • Angelica: "I decided to order such a mop after an advertisement. Complete disappointment! All the negative reviews about these mops are true, just waste your money, so don't buy it."
  • Alla: "I saw an advertisement for steam mops on television, I found only positive reviews on the Internet and decided to buy. Positive sellers were probably written by the sellers themselves. I decided to start using the steam mop by cleaning the joints between the tiles. In order for the dirt to go away, it needs hold 10 min. So in order to clean the whole apartment, a h2o x5 steam mop needs to be used for several hours. After several days, the steam mop began to splash. Now you must first wash the floor, and then wipe it with a mop to remove the remaining water. Cleaning turns double. It doesn’t clean the carpets at all, and if you try to clean it with something, it becomes clogged and scum forms. Generally, steam mop broke in the first month of use. I did not send by mail, I was afraid that I would not return it. I decided to give it in for repair, but all the masters, like one, said that it was a one-time thing, and it was also made in China. I do not advise anyone to buy. "

Steam mop: reviews

  • Tatyana: "I saw an advertisement for a steam mop and decided to order it right through the site right away. But they said that they would deliver it only in a month. I decided to study all possible reviews on the Internet, I spoke with my friends. As a result decided to buy a simple steam generator. Moreover, there is a huge selection of quality and price. Therefore, it is better to first buy a steam generator, and then make a decision on the purchase of steam mops. "

Mop x5 steam mop: reviews

  • Oksana: “Last autumn I ordered a mop steam mop x5. I got the mop quickly, but it was without one detail. I sent it back to be replaced, but I haven’t got it back until today. I spent almost as much money on calls mop itself. "
  • Valeria: "Mop h2ox5 washes only the floor, then begins to flow.It does not wash, does not clean, does not iron, does not do anything that the seller promised. "
  • Olga: "I want to immediately say, in no case do not buy this mop. The thing is useful, but its quality simply leaves much to be desired. When I bought the second time, the steam mop closed in me, ceasing to work. Mop was changed after six months, at the weekend turn it on, but it broke again. So I threw it away, because it is beyond repair, but for me a lesson for the future: no longer buy Chinese products. "

H2o steam mop: reviews

  • Valeria: “I have been using the h2o mop for almost a year now, and I am very happy. Sometimes some people complain that the mop doesn’t collect wool and litter, but it’s not a washing vacuum cleaner. I can’t say how a steam mop cleans thick carpets, but carpet cleans wonderful".
  • Irina: “Even with the hot mode, the steam from the mop is cold, you can even bring a hand to the nozzle. Water, of course, hisses, gurgles, but if you mop on the surface and touch it immediately, the water will be cold. stains and dirt can not be removed - all deception. "

Steam mop in the house: reviews

  • Andrei: "Do not buy steam mops, they are made not in Europe, but in China, and the quality there, as you know, leaves much to be desired. So if you save your money, do not spend it on this advertised deception."

Only you yourself decide whether to purchase products such as a steam mop, but it is worth listening to the reviews in order to make a really balanced decision and be ready for anything.

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