Soap recipes

Cooking soap at home is an exercise for the soul that must bring joy. Soap from the soap base, which is easy to learn to do yourself, piece product, it can be a wonderful, valuable and exclusive gift for loved ones.

What is a soap base?

The soap base has no smell. It may be colorless or matte. There is also a transparent base with a slightly yellowish tinge - it is an organic base that is considered more useful. The pH of the soap base is much lower than that of ordinary soap., which we buy, which means the impact of soap from the soap base on the skin is softer.

Soap Recipes

The standard transparent soap base has a high glycerin content. The main components of this base are water (up to 50%) and glycerin (up to 25%). In addition, it usually contains: propylene glycol, sodium laurate, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearic acid, lauric acid, tetrasodium etidronate.

Soap base that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, - more expensive, but also more preferable due to the lack of additional foam-forming elements in it.

The matte base is distinguished by its titanium dioxide content.

Organic soap basewith a yellowish tint is made from natural plant oils. Its main components are glycerin (up to 50%) and water (up to 50%). Also in the composition of such bases are usually the following substances: sodium palmat (up to 25%), sorbitol, decyl glycoside, coconut acid, tetrasodium etidronate.

All the listed chemical elements indicate that soap from a soap base is not an absolutely natural product.

Soap from the soap base with a bactericidal effect

In the manufacture of this soap you will need: 100 g of soap base, 0.5 tsp. Sea buckthorn oil, 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and the same amount of orange, calendula petals.

Soap from the soap base with a bactericidal effect

Melt the soap base in a water bath, add oil and flowers there. Beat the resulting mixture with a mixer, and then pour into the prepared mold for soap.

Such Soap has good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Soap from a soap basis with the bleaching effect

  • In the manufacture of this soap, you will need: a base for soap (100 g of white and transparent bases), 0.5 tsp. Parsley oil (prepared separately), 4 drops of rosemary and pine oil.
  • 2 days before making this type of soap, make parsley oil. To do this, explain 1 tsp. dry the parsley and cover it with hot vegetable oil, leave for 2 days.

Soap from a soap basis with the bleaching effect

  • Melt the soap base (transparent and white) separately. Heat the parsley oil so that the temperature of the base and the oil is about the same. First make the first base, pour it into the mold, cool it a little, then prepare the second base and pour it on top of the first one. To each base add 0.5 tsp. oils of parsley, in a transparent base, add pine oil, and in the white - rosemary oil.
  • This the type of soap not only perfectly cleanses the skin and relieves stress well, but also has a whitening effect.

The recipe for soap from the soap base with a rejuvenating effect

You will need: the basis for the soap, for 1 tsp. blue clay and jojoba oil, 7 drops of patchouli oil.

The recipe for soap from the soap base with a rejuvenating effect

Making soap, be sure to mix everything well, it is convenient to do a small mixer. Such soap perfectly cleanses your pores due to the fact that it contains blue clay, and patchouli essential oil gives a wonderful rejuvenating effect.

Soap from soap base with scrub effect

Soap from soap base with scrub effect

  1. You will need: 100 g of base, base oils (for example, almond, grape seed), a few drops of essential oils of tea tree, lemon, 50 g of sea or common salt.
  2. Slice the soap base into small pieces, melt them in a water bath or in a microwave. When the base has melted, add base oils to it, mix. Allow the mass to cool slightly and add other essential oils, mix. Then add salt.
  3. When you feel that the salt mass began to harden, put it in molds.

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Having learned to cook soap at home, you will get yourself a wonderful hobby. Occupation is very fascinating, in which you quickly leave with a head. Create, experiment and delight yourself and loved ones with your fragrant novelties.

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