Snail from a tire. master class on making and photo of

People who have country or household plots always want their property to look well-groomed, beautiful and unusual. To this end, they not only begin to master the rules of agriculture and agronomy, but also learn the principles of landscape design. From Europe, we have come to the fashion for garden sculptures.

Abroad as such sculptures were traditionally used figures of dwarves, which according to popular belief are considered to be garden spirits. In the Russian suburban areas have their inhabitants, who were often made independently of improvised means, for example - plastic bottles, old waste dishes and even car tires!

As it turned out, automobile tires are a versatile material for garden sculptures. Tires are made of swans, of a car ramp - the sun, of tires - of snails. The main thing is to use old and erased tires so that the trace of the tread does not give the future figure a rough look.

How to make a snail from a tire?

Tire snail

The rubber from which tires are made for cars lends itself well to cutting with a well-sharpened knife. If there is such an opportunity, then it is best to use an electric jigsaw for these purposes. Even in order to make a garden snail from a tire, you will need screws, a screwdriver, a couple of metal rods, gasoline and water-based paint. By the way, it is better to take tires without a cord, that is, without a metal mesh inside the rubber itself, since cutting them is a difficult and painstaking task.

In the first place it is necessary to cut the tire in order to make 1 continuous strip of rubber. It will need to be cleaned of dirt and dust and cut on both sides. Now the snail sculpture needs to make such an important element as the head. To do this, from the 1st of the edges of the rubber strip, you must cut the horns. Then, all the resulting billet need to degrease with gasoline and paint painted. It is best to do these manipulations with the workpiece, rather than on the finished sculpture.

Now it was the turn to paint the snail: under the horns you should draw a muzzle, then paint the body in the main shade, and future curls of the shell can be decorated with a beautiful pattern or ornament. Now, as a matter of fact, the turn has come to do the shell for the snail itself, that is, its house. From the side opposite to the head, you need to start twisting the rubber into a spiral, but not to the end - you need to leave in the reserve a piece that will be its neck.

To fix the rubber in this position, you can use short screws. In order for the snail to keep its head in the future, metal rods should be inserted into the neck. If such rods are not at hand, then hard wire will do.

Snail tires will look harmoniously on almost any part of the garden. It is easy to make, and you can decorate to your taste, based on the style of your dacha. You can make several such sculptures by placing a whole family of original snails on a flower bed or alpine hill.

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