Small dog breeds

Small breeds of dogs in today's living conditions of modern man - the very option that is the most optimal. They are no less mobile than their owners, and can exist in a rented apartment, and without constant walks, unlike large breeds. In addition, small dogs are more loyal to new members of the family and guests, which means that you will not have to hide your pet from visitors or children who have appeared on the scene.

The smallest dog breeds with photos and titles

With an impressive list of positive qualities of small breeds of dogs it is very difficult to find a pet to your liking. Meanwhile, even in the vast group of ornamental species, there are quite a few features in each breed that cannot be ignored when choosing a pet. Below are considered the smallest breeds of dogs with the key nuances of each of them, so that in general quick comparison you can find the perfect four-legged friend for yourself.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested is gaining popularity among fans of visually unusual breeds. If we draw parallels with the breeds of cats, then this is the same sphinx, but with a small amount of wool. It is more correct to call the Chinese Crested almost naked - with the exception of the tail and limbs, as well as the areas on the head, this dog has no fur on the body. In puppies, the transition from clean zones to the scalp is very smooth, in older adults the hair is long and fluffy.

The dogs themselves are not large, at the withers barely reach 33 cm, their weight does not exceed 6 kg, but on average is 4.2 kg. Perhaps it was precisely due to its exotic appearance in China that the representatives of this breed were considered almost mystical animals with healing abilities. In addition, these dogs have a very developed intellect - they not only "find a common language" with each of the owners, but also do it with an "individual approach", in addition, they are absolutely not aggressive, although they are wary of unpleasant people. Interesting fact - Chinese crested are controlled with their front paws, like a man with his hands: they can hug or touch the owner.

shih tzu

Asian small breeds do not end on Chinese Crested - no less attractive as a pet and shih-tzu, bred in Tibet. It is slightly heavier in weight - up to 7.5 kg, but at the withers it will be lower than Chinese crested: the largest representatives of the breed barely reach 28 cm. Perhaps it is not without reason that the dogs of this breed belonged to Chinese emperors, they have a difficult character innate pride and some arrogance. At the same time, shih-tzu are very strongly attached to all members of their family and follow them closely, therefore representatives of the breed are often acquired for people of age, especially those who are lonely.

Despite their small size and low weight, Shih Tzu are very enduring dogs, physically developed and not accustomed to excessively comfortable conditions in which decorative house dogs are raised. In addition, they do not need frequent walking, they easily get used to the toilet in the apartment. Therefore, one should not worry about their perception of more severe conditions - the emperor's dog is able to live not only in the palace.

From such shih-tzu hardy and brave little dogs emit dwarf pinscher. This is almost a reduced copy of the Doberman, which has roots in common with this breed, but is more friendly and calm. The dwarf pincher in height can reach 30 cm, and by weight adults rarely are heavier than 5 kg. Representatives of the breed have strong limbs and well-developed musculature, are hardy, and with their gait strongly raise their front paws.

Miniature Pinscher

Pinschers are trained to readily, quickly grab commands, easily accustomed to new places, including the moment when the toilet is defined outside the home. Despite the friendliness, representatives of the breed can not be called particularly open to people and animals. But from this dog it turns out an excellent watchman, especially outside the city, where she copes with the task of catching rats. At the same time, it is important to remember that the hair of the pinschers is very short and does not provide adequate protection from the cold; therefore, in winter, walks with the dog require its compulsory warming.

Small breeds of dogs were derived not in vain: despite the fact that watchmen or rescuers are not obtained from them, in their temperament and nature they are excellent companions who easily banish any boredom. In their own intelligence, little doggies are inferior to large ones. This is proved by the fact that among the small dogs there is a papillon, a breed recognized as one of the 10 most intelligent dog breeds. Therefore, you can safely look after your pet among small breeds - it will become a full-fledged and beloved member of your family.

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