Slender bamboo

Bamboo(Latin Bambusoideae) - refers to the family of grasses (Roaseae). In the subfamily of representatives of the evergreen plants there are about 1,200 species of bamboo. It is widely used by people as a shielding and decorative material, food, building material, feed for livestock, etc.


The crown has characteristic internodes that connect the hollow segments of the stem.

There are 2 types of bamboos (which represent two taxonomic tribes):

  1. Triba bamboos (from the Latin. Bambuseae), which are distinguished by high stem, grassy leaves, elegant crowns, panicle inflorescences. They can be woody due to which they grow quite high (over several meters).
  2. Tribe olirovye (from the Latin. Olyreae), which resemble the growth of ordinary grass, forming dense thickets. Since do not woody, then in their growth rarely reach one meter.

It blooms quite rarely, immediately dying after that. Therefore, the flowering of bamboo is still not fully understood.


Slender bamboo

It belongs to tropical and subtropical plants, distributed on the main continents: Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Africa. Tribe olives grow exclusively in the tropics, because heat and moisture.


Loves moisture and heat, so the sunny side with regular watering will be the basis of successful cultivation. At the same time, stagnant water can completely destroy the bamboo.

It is recommended to conduct regular pruning to prevent the flowering period (and further dying of the plant). Bamboo has a developed rhizome, so before planting special fences are instilled into the ground, designed to limit the rapid growth of the roots of the plant.

Top dressing

As a fertilizer is better to use lure with a high nitrogen content.


Easily propagated by underground rhizomes, closely intertwining bamboo on the surface into a single system. Depending on the variety, it can capture the surrounding territories very quickly, and spread slowly over a long time.

Diseases and pests

Among the common problems, the most common are bamboo tick (which sucks the sap from the leaves) and bamboo bamboo bug (fixed in hard-to-reach places).

Especially for Katbula

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