Sky lanterns do it yourself

Now in our country sky lanterns are becoming more and more popular (they are also called Chinese). Explaining their popularity is not difficult, because it is a magnificent, fascinating spectacle. Flashlights have a significant plus (compared to the same fireworks) - they are in the sky and burn for quite a long time. The average burning time of a flashlight is half an hour.

Besides, To send glowing lanterns of various shapes and colors to the sky is a very pleasant activity, which carries positive emotions, good mood and creates a romantic atmosphere.

The history of sky lanterns

One legend is connected with the origin of the sky lanterns. Her events took place in one of the Chinese villages. In addition to ordinary people, many monks lived in the village. The monks worked tirelessly, because they had to provide not only themselves, but also the villagers. In this part of China, climatic conditions did not favor the development of agriculture. Every day it became harder and harder for residents, and soon, their hope began to fade. The monks noticed this. They did not want the people to leave the village, because the monks believed that everything would be fine soon. In the end, they decided that people need to raise morale. Every day, the servants of God began to pray and light torches. They told residents that fire would save them, because it carries tremendous energy. They claimed that this energy is able to purify the soul and give strength.

Soon, the villagers were inspired and began to work more efficiently, and their business activities improved. Since then, so that the morale of the villagers has always remained strong, the monks lit their fire every week. Soon they came up with a replacement for the torches. This replacement became the sky lanterns that we love.

How to make a sky lantern?

In order for you to decorate your holiday with such a wonderful attribute as a sky lantern, you need to have the necessary materials. To make such a flashlight you need the following materials:

  • garbage bag one hundred twenty liters (it must be light-colored and thin);
  • tracing paper;
  • wire;
  • the dense fabric cut into strips (the strips should be four by fifty centimeters);
  • liquid fuel, wax or paraffin;
  • fire retardant impregnation;
  • adhesive tape or glue.

Before you start making a flashlight, you should decide on its shape. You can fully have the capabilities of your imagination. This decoration of the night sky can have completely different forms. For example, lanterns in the form of hearts and balloons are very popular. But, if you please, you can even give it a car shape. That is, you can do everything that your imagination is capable of.

So, let's start manufacturing. First, we warn the possible ignition of the paper. To do this, the tracing paper needs to be saturated with fire retardant. This will not only ensure safety from fire, but also add a water-repellent effect to the calque. The tracing paper processed in this way should be glued to the inside of the garbage bag. This action will protect tracing paper from getting wet.

From the wire you need to create a ring, which in diameter will be slightly inferior to the diameter of the package. The wire is also needed for the manufacture of the cross, to which you want to attach the burner. The cross with the burner is connected with a ring. Then the whole structure is attached to our package. The burner can be obtained by impregnating the fabric with paraffin. Before applying the fabric for the burner, check its operation. To do this, fold the piece of fabric into a rectangle of four to twenty-five centimeters and set fire to it. If you are satisfied with the burning of your piece, you can use it as a burner. If not, try reducing the number of layers. It is important to take into account the burning time, because not only does it depend on how high the flashlight flies, but also safety (yours and those around you).

Launch sky lantern

When the flashlight is ready and you have checked its torch for safety, you can launch your product. Before you send a flashlight in flight, write on it the most intimate of your wishes. Write best marker. Write carefully, trying not to violate the integrity of the package.

In order to start the flashlight, you will need an assistant. First you need to prepare the dome. It must be straightened so that the burner does not touch its walls. To make the air warmer faster, put the flashlight on the ground, holding it by the wire. After the air warms up, try launching a flashlight into the sky, raising it about a meter above the ground. Hold the flashlight at the rim when starting. To avoid trouble, and the launch was successful, it is better to launch flashlights in calm and clear weather.

If you want to make the process of making lanterns more fun and exciting, then get together in a group and enjoy the creative process together. In addition, the positive will reign around, you can create more luminous celestial wonders that are designed to inspire, inspire and fulfill desires.

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