Simple patterns for knitting

Knitting is not just a hobby. This lesson can help you create for yourself the most beautiful things that only you have in a single copy.

With the help of fancy interweaving you can get the most incredible patterns. But now, while you are just an aspiring needlewoman, you need to learn how to perform simple patterns that will allow you to knit basic things. Among them, by the way, you can find no less beautiful than those that are usually attributed to complex patterns.


it most popular knitting pattern. It is performed quite simply. Also the stocking knitting pattern bears other names: jersey and front surface.


How to do it:

1 row: knit all the loops front,

2 row: all loops purl.

In the same way the pattern is repeated below. That is, the odd (facial) rows must be knitted with the help of facial loops, and the even (purl) rows - with the help of purl loops. If you use knitting in a circle, then all loops should be knitted with facial ones. Jersey canvas is a very practical pattern. Products from such binding can be subjected to heat and wet processing without fear of spoiling the thing. Such products can be processed with a calm conscience with steam and iron. However, the fibrous composition of the yarn is still worth considering.

Shawl knitting

Another simple and popular pattern for knitting. Already from the name it is clear that this pattern was used for knitting shawls.

Garter bandage

How to do it:

1 row: performed by face loops,

2 row: also performed by facial loops.

That is, when performing this pattern, all rows must be performed with facial loops. If you knit in a circle, then you should knit one row with facial loops, and the second with purl loops.

Pattern Rice for knitting

Also, this pattern is called "Moss". This pattern is two-sided, has a rather loose and stretching structure.. To perform this pattern, the needles need to dial an even number of loops.


How to do it:

1 row: 1 front knit, then 1 purl loop,

2 row: first knit, 1 purl, and then 1 face loop.

In the future, the pattern is repeated from the first row. That is, for the execution of this pattern, you must knit the front loop on the spokes with the purl and the purl with the face loop.

Knitting Hole Pattern

Very nice pattern. Its essence lies in the holes located on the face. Such holes can be performed as often as desired. It all depends on your imagination. In order to tie a pattern of this pattern, you need to type on the spokes such a number of loops so that it is a multiple of 12, plus 2 loops, so that the pattern is symmetrical, and two more for the hem.


How to do it:

1 row: a nakid is made, 2 loops together need to be knitted with a face loop behind the back walls (i.e., each loop must be turned beforehand), then 10 facial loops are knitted, a nakid, 2 loops are knitted together behind the back walls,

2 row: you need to knit purl loops, then all the even rows need to knit purl,

3, 5, 7, 9 rows: all loops are facial,

11 rows: 6 front loops, wrap, 2 loops together knit the front of the back wall (loops are pre-rotated), 4 front, then 2 front.

13,15,17,19 rows: all the loops are knitted with facial loops.

Further the pattern repeats from the first row.

Purl stripes

The pattern consists of strips of purl loops, located on the front surface. The pattern alternates 6 rows of facial loops with 2 rows of purses.

Purl stripes

How to do it:

1 row: all knitted with facial loops,

2 row: knit fully purl loops,

3 row: facial loops,

4 row: purl loops,

5 row: facial loops,

6 row: purl loops,

7 row: purl loops,

8 row: facial loops.

Then repeat the pattern from the first row.

Pattern Strokes for knitting

In order to get such a pattern, on the spokes you need to dial such a number of loops so that it is a multiple of 12, another 6 loops for the symmetry of the pattern and 2 for the edge design.


How to do it:

1, 3, 7, 9 rows: all loops are knitted with facial ones,

2 and the subsequent even rows: you need to knit according to a conceived pattern, that is, knit loops such as they lie on a needle,

5 row: 6 purl loops, 6 facial, 6 purl,

11 row: 6 face loops, 6 purl, again 6 face loops.

13 row: you must start to knit as the first and continue on with the established pattern.

Simple pattern Narrow diamonds knitting needles

This simple but cute pattern knitted with the help of the front and purl loops. This pattern looks the same both from the front and from the wrong side.

In order to get a sample of this pattern, the needles on the needles should be typed in such a number of loops so that it is a multiple of 8 and another 2 edge loops.


How to do it:

1 row: 4 purl loops, then 4 face loops,

2 row: 3 purl, 4 front, 1 purl,

3rd row: 2 face loops, 4 purl, 2 face loops,

4 row: 1 purl loop, 4 front, 3 purl loops,

5 row: 4 face loops, 4 purl,

6 row: 4 purl, 4 front loops,

7 row: 1 facial, 4 purl, 3 facial,

8 row: 2 purl loops, 4 face loops, 2 purl,

9th row: 3 facial loops, then 4 purl and 1 facial,

10 row: 4 face and 4 purl loops.

Then the pattern is repeated from the first row.

As you can see, knitting involves a variety of simple patterns. Each of them is good in its own way. You can choose the one that will appeal to you. Anything can serve as a criterion for selection: from the degree of difficulty of execution, to the beauty of the pattern itself as a result, or maybe you want to create a practical thing. Knitting gives space to your imagination.

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